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Buick Spelling?????


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What the article said was that August Beuck started using the surname of Buick in order appear less germanic.

People have been doing this sort of thing for as long as there have been people who discriminate based upon perceived ethnicity.

Buick automobiles were always Buicks, The gentleman in question perceived Buick to be an "American" name due to the popularity of the automobile.

If you met someone with the last name of Chrysler, you probably wouldn't give much thought to it being a German surname, but due to the fame of Walter Chrysler and his car company it seems to be and American, rather than a German....Hey, wait a minute here...Damn! it IS a German name now! blush.gif

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I just finished the book "Buick: A Complete History" by Larry Gustin, (we had a chance to meet him at the Buick Heritage Tour here in St. Louis), and the original spelling was David Dunbar Buik (who by the way died pennyless - what a shame, but then again so did the founder of General Motors, William C. Durant). Durant added the "c" to form Buick as the marque's name because he was worried that people would pronounce it Booik. I love that book. It's very interesting.


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