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  1. advertising-ML-423362-ML- Commercial advertisment, moved to the appropriate section
  2. Hi All, These are the same as the ones that sold on ebay for $350. That's what prompted me to advertise them. I thought $350 was a rip-off for this. They are different from the ones that Packards International sells for $45. The ones from PI are embossed which is unlike the originals. The originals were flat as are these. Regards.
  3. Hi Bob, It is aluminum as you've pointed out. It is the same thickness as the original and the same length and width but much lighter. I'm not sure what the originals were made of and I only have these in aluminum. Warm regards.
  4. If you need one please let me know. They are $95 each and shipping is free in the continental U.S. Regards.
  5. Hi again, Actually that's the old price. If you call them they will give you a price on the order of $460 for the set. I think I can save you a few dollars. Regards.
  6. None taken - free trade and all that... I can provide the best quality gaskets and I thought I was priced below the competition. May I ask where you found them cheaper - maybe I need to change suppliers. Thanks!
  7. Hi All, Well I wish I would have done this to my '51 Buick ... Here's a website I created to track the progress of the frame off restoration on my '36 Pakcard. I created it mostly so I wouldn't lose the pictures in case my computer crashed. Hope you enjoy. Pre-War Packard Restorations
  8. Hi All, Can anyone please tell me how to remove the shifter from this car? It's a 1936 Packard 1401 touring sedan by the way. I removed the three screws that hold the chrome base in place. Then I removed two metal spacers from either side and a small spring from the driver's side. I was told to just put the transmission in neutral and lift up on the shifter. I tried this and it comes up quite a bit and then snaps right back down as if it was spring loaded. If I can pull this off I can get the body off the frame. It's really holding up the show. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Please e-mail me at dimatnc@yahoo.com if you have any suggestions as I don't check this forum very often. Thank you in advance, Crin
  9. Hey Adam, Yeah we saw all his cars there ... it was really sad. Teresa started crying - she said it really hit her that he's gone. I sold the Buick so that I could buy the '36 Packard. It's a whole new ball game ... this car is very different from anything I've restored and parts are quite a bit more expensive. Oh well ... it's only money, time and busted knuckles. If I can figure out how to remove the shifter from the car I can go ahead and pull the body off. By the way if anyone knows how to pull that *&%^$# shifter out of the car please, please tell me.
  10. Hi All, Our '51 Super is up for sale and I want to make sure it goes to a good home. Please see the link. Crin & Teresa's Old Buick Thanks,
  11. Hi All, Well I never thought this day would come but I sold our '51 Super yesterday. It's ok ... I'm over it ... mostly because we bought a 1936 Packard 1401. See the attached picture. All I can tell you at this point is that Packard parts are "just a little" more expensive than Buick parts. Ask the man who's restoring one! Cheers!
  12. Thank you all for the advice. Just one more question - where do I get a spring-loaded prop shaft spline seal? Would Bob's Automobilia carry such an item or do I need to contact a place like FATSCO (I think that's the name anyway)?? Thanks again,
  13. Hi All, I recently noticed that transmission fluid was leaking out of my differential - so ... something is leaking in my ol' Dynaflow - but what? I had it rebuild a few years ago and replaced the - let me see if I remember this correctly - ... the outer torque ball retainer with the new kind which has a vulcanized seal on it. Nothing leaks under or near the transmission but that rear end fluid sure looked pink. I've replaced the fluid but obviously that's not going to fix the problem. Thank you in advance,
  14. I agree. I was just trying to get a feel for what folks have been paying and what they've had done for how much. Cheers!
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