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Starter 714D


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After opening the starter of my 1929 65 i'm a bit confused. Clearly someone worked on it in the past. It seems 2 Field coils are missing, or can someone say that this is standard.

Any Idea how to fix this? I don't see how 2 other fields would connect to the brushes either.



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The starter runs but has the power of a little usb fan... it is now with a local rebuilder. Not sure if they can fix it, but on ebay parts for a chevy starter 714L are quite easy to get. Does anybody know if the armature would fit a chrysler starter? Or does any one know if the chevy runs the same direction? 

Thnx for any info

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Thanks, that is exactly what I needed. Untill now it was just guessing. I will order the armature, not inexpensive in the netherlands but it will be here this week.

I will post again when the starter hopefully works.

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Hi Narve, 

Thanks for the offer. I bought a 714L armature and it seems to work. Needed to ream the bushes somewhat bigger but messed up the alignment. Today I made new bushes and reamed them in a lathe. I will post some pictures asap. The 714L armature is in the end an easy fit and plenty available.


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