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1958 Cadillac 60 Special *SOLD*

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*SOLD* Big, handsome Cadillac 60 Special by Fleetwood. Repainted maybe 10-12 years ago, new correct code 67 green cloth and leather interior two years ago. Exterior color changed from code 30 Acadian Green to code 12 Alpine white and nicely done with no trace of green in or on car. Rebuilt engine and transmission, new exhaust system, rebuilt suspension, and more. Factory A/C completely rebuilt but never charged because it's still set up for R12. I'm not going to fix it because it'll just break again (because that's what old car A/C systems do best) and then I'll have to pay someone else to fix it because there will be whining and complaining. I'd rather just skip to that part and save the time and money I'd spend doing it here. Everything works except the clock and the aforementioned A/C. Drives very well, good power, smooth and composed on the road. Very quiet and capable. Exhaust doesn't go through the bumper for obvious reasons. Chrome was probably restored when it was painted and remains quite good, although there's some discoloration on the rear bumper that looks like something splashed on it. Cast aluminum panels on the lower bodywork and on the tail are extremely nice with no pitting or deterioration--those have to be outrageously expensive to restore. Clean undercarriage with no rot or patches but not detailed for show. Tires are older and modern radials with the proper-size whitewalls would look spectacular. Owner's manual and shop manual included. A top-of-the-line Cadillac that's ready to enjoy. Asking price is $34,900. Thanks for looking.


001.thumb.JPG.4ae42ef72828bc42477e5f5e84958031.JPG  002.thumb.JPG.f5fbbf3e3532e83dcdc5dd5ff5c81737.JPG  004.thumb.JPG.6d5cc55ccd6310fc488372f1139edde6.JPG  005.thumb.JPG.ba294725934650b87a1d4492eaf59a37.JPG


008.thumb.JPG.90fe5ef4ea3705bac5b61bc166674ff8.JPG  013.thumb.JPG.dfbed37092d737b2b7df9e6d29278421.JPG  028.thumb.JPG.ebac489c0e160bf5e872dca32e97db67.JPG  029.thumb.JPG.d0fa3daa478bae4b635240b0381d9c47.JPG


031.thumb.JPG.3b9708a48037b1dc27ec5a4280a5b741.JPG  032.thumb.JPG.0ddced555c18605fb58021f7cf0a9f52.JPG  033.thumb.JPG.0d66c496fc72c51c1caca2245d8a0a6b.JPG  038.thumb.JPG.5a55b4f4b33c070f9e0df8fa9a33aa1e.JPG


040.thumb.JPG.6bc1e0e091a6675dbdd8298cbc0aa6b0.JPG  043.thumb.JPG.8010c0c11f1029064280fe087a528108.JPG  045.thumb.JPG.2a965d51bd4335b207cfc4bf98810248.JPG  056.thumb.JPG.b2f5015ce56e47238088af95d0941416.JPG


057.thumb.JPG.9d582ee70c5cee72144cd03f3c5d6fc8.JPG  061.thumb.JPG.f17a547df3c53e30c5776c33694453ac.JPG  065.thumb.JPG.da584bb7b5b5c36a6ba912191b84d1f5.JPG  068.thumb.JPG.0dc4883026082a81e9636dbce63240f3.JPG


072.thumb.JPG.51b60b4d4811a08a4d0ec693088a02fa.JPG  074.thumb.JPG.5cedd0d48fdc0cb7708dc4ea26631098.JPG  077.thumb.JPG.42bf0588243998b2ad3bcb86f3057e55.JPG  083.thumb.JPG.8e1b42fc8dfcd4cf3a80e9fb75db1baf.JPG


085.thumb.JPG.9935851b25cfb07e9df9bb9555b45e53.JPG  094.thumb.jpg.f011d430e0f9094fa5268f1340d9f844.jpg  099.thumb.jpg.86d69c9503ed6aae09bf125425f29be5.jpg  101.thumb.jpg.b7efb9b8de6c65391793f4f199411d5d.jpg


104.thumb.jpg.bead4d5dd3055481cc8274cbffb87b25.jpg  105.thumb.jpg.fba4da9ea3d3da9a6a18240568139d5c.jpg

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