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55 Super Needs Dynaflow Replaced, How Many Years Fit?

Tony Thompson

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2 hours ago, Tony Thompson said:

Have a 56 trans available. Can anyone here tell me if they will interchange? Would like to swap the 56 trans into 55 if it will work. 55 has a 264 and good 56 trans is on back of tired 322. Thanks in advance for any help! Tony


Go for it.  The overall length of the 56 tranny is the same as 55 50-70 series.  You will need to swap in the 55 universal joint with the different splines and you might need to use the 56 transmission support and/or parts that attach to the support.  Everything else will hook up ok.  The 56 tranny will function the same except the switch pitch feature works in Low also...I can smell the tire smoke already.:D

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You guys are great, thanks for speedy info!

I am learning as I go and everyone's knowledge is greatly appreciated. Now I need to figure out how to ID a 50/70 series car as I do not know what that means yet. If the 56 swap is not a easy or good idea then I need to locate a reputable trans shop to rebuild original 55 trans that is in the car. Any good trans shops in Iowa or Minnesota? Live in extreme south MN and could trailer to a good shop in the 3 or 4 state area if the 56 swap sounds bad.

Thanks again,


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