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  1. Hello All, I live in south MN and have a keen interest in the preservation of original automobiles and trucks. I have recently been made aware HPOF and would like to know if there are any of these events in the upper mid-west near me. I have an amazing original 2 ton truck that came off of a century + old farm site where it was well preserved by a long time loving owner. It is heavy to haul and slow to drive for long distance so I am looking to register and show closer to home. I would like to know if "heavy trucks" are recognized by HOPF and if there is any public interest in them.
  2. Hi Ted, I still have the four piece aluminum grill set pictured in this add for sale. You are welcome to call for more details if you like. 507-448-3749
  3. You guys are great, thanks for speedy info! I am learning as I go and everyone's knowledge is greatly appreciated. Now I need to figure out how to ID a 50/70 series car as I do not know what that means yet. If the 56 swap is not a easy or good idea then I need to locate a reputable trans shop to rebuild original 55 trans that is in the car. Any good trans shops in Iowa or Minnesota? Live in extreme south MN and could trailer to a good shop in the 3 or 4 state area if the 56 swap sounds bad. Thanks again, Tony
  4. Have a 56 trans available. Can anyone here tell me if they will interchange? Would like to swap the 56 trans into 55 if it will work. 55 has a 264 and good 56 trans is on back of tired 322. Thanks in advance for any help! Tony
  5. I also have an un-plated aluminum 1939 Pontiac grill set that is believed to be an N.O.S. reproduction for sale in a separate add. 507-448-3749.
  6. Four piece un-plated aluminum grill set to fit 1939 Pontiac. This grill may be an early N.O.S reproduction from an unknown supplier because originals were chrome plated pot metal. Very good unused condition. Price is $400. Located at I-90 And I-35 in south MN. 507-448-3749. I also have an original four piece 39 Pontiac plated pot metal grill set for sale here in another for sale posting that is still available. Good luck on your projects everyone!
  7. Thanks guys! If I were going to keep this car I would try to locate an original air cleaner and would change the wheel appearance to something with a more refined or elegant look. I like Marty's ideas too. This is an excellent forum with knowledgeable and helpful members. I really appreciate the high level of tolerance for a car that could irritate high-end enthusiasts. As a newbie here I have learned much in a short time and I am grateful for the sharing, entertainment and knowledge. Going to investagate the HAMB now...thanks Alex! Tony
  8. Hello, Terry, Marty & Zeke, I will answer you along the way, but first allow me to offer an apology for placing such a vulgarly unrefined vehicle for sale in such a polished and proper forum under the AAC of A title. More information to help you understand...The Olds is all original except for alternator, carburetor, air cleaner and wheels. It is fabulously drive-able and reliable in its present condition. When I purchased the car, the original carburetor , air cleaner & generator were gone. I bought this car for my daughter and I to attend '64 & earlier Rock-a-billy ev
  9. Arizona solid car had extensive restoration some years ago. Rebuilt engine, trans and rear end with new ball joints. Partial interior as needed. All chrome on this car is excellent! Recently I have installed a new distributor with electronic conversion, 8mm wires, new plugs, new 4 barrel carburetor and swapped out the 14 X 6 rims for 15 X 7 with new white wall radials. We have driven 4,000 miles with 0 problems. This great old classic will cruise 70 mph all day with ease. Car has rock chips in front from being driven. Not new or perfect, however, a very nice reliable driver for modest inve
  10. 1974 Ventura front bumper, radiator support and grills. 1971 LeMans chromed steel front bumper. 1939 radiator. 1937 front bumper. Can get prices and pictures to interested parties. South MN. Good luck on your projects everyone! 507-448-3749 Tony
  11. Four sections of chromed original 1939 Pontiac grill for sale. Not new or perfect, but overall good condition original condition with normal or minor age related pitting. One section has a crack that I have highlighted by sliding a piece of white paper in. Without paper you could not see crack in photos or from a few feet away in person. All threaded mounting holes on back side are good. $450 plus shipping. Located at I-90 & I-35 in south MN. 507-448-3749 Tony
  12. Have a four foot long chrome spear hood ornament in very good condition for 1960 Pontiac Star Chief. Located at I-90 & I-35 in south MN. $100 plus shipping. More pictures and info available to serious enthusiasts. 507-448-3749 Tony
  13. Restored original 3 ton GMC with hydraulic lift bed. Rebuilt 302 six, new clutch, brakes, tires, paint, glass and lights. All new wood in 16 foot bed and removable box sides. Recent tune up and carb kit. Runs perfect and drives good with 5 speed clark and 2 speed rear. Loosing storage and need the space. A truck this nice can not sit outside. Asking $12,500 Call Tony 507-448-3749 located at I-90 & I-35 in south MN.
  14. Nice big 3 ton Jimmy with 16 foot lift bed that works good. 302 ci. inline GMC six was rebuilt, new clutch, tires, brakes, paint, glass and interior. Deluxe cab with corner windows, new mirrors, GM spotlight, original radio and marker lights. All new wood in bed and removable box sides. Recent tune up and carb kit, runs perfect! Has a five speed Clark with a two speed rear and will cruise 50-55 mph just fine. Capable of hauling a lot of weight with no problem. Turn key driver that is driven occasionally and always parked inside. All lights working. Not a high grade show truck, however,
  15. Hood ornament insert for 1939 deluxe eight business coupe needed. Reproduction is fine, not real fussy as long as it looks decent. Thanks for any leads! Tony
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