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WANTED: 1924 inside Door latch/lever and other parts


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I had one of the door latches/lever on the window seal of my '24 Master Six broken and bought another but it turned out to be slightly different from the originals. It basically had one hump and mine have two (See pic to understand) Does anyone have an extra 2 hump style? Also below is a list of parts I'm in need of, if you have anything laying around, or double check on that parts car out back, or extra you'll probably never use, can you pass it on my way? I can provide you with pics if you drop me a PM. I'm not looking to restore the car, just keep it with it's original unrestored condition but over the years some parts were removed by past owners and I'm trying to get it back 100% complete, so fair to good condition would be nice, or you had something and then found it in better condition and now have that other one laying around now not being used.


1. Exhaust by pass valve

2. Exhaust pipe from the exhaust manifold to the muffler.

3. Original Muffler and tail pipe

4. Clevis pin that goes in the fork of the accelerator bracket which is mounted on the firewall. (Sure, I could buy a new one at the hardware store, but I want an orignal one)

5. Radiator to head water tube.

6. Water pump to starter generator coupling assembly.

7.  Two hood hold down latch catches that are attached to the hood, has 3 rivets. (Nickel)

8. The cap that sits on top of the oil breather tube near the rear of the motor towards the firewall.

9. The Outside windshield visor or at least the brackets for the visor.

10. Stirrup (round) door handles.

11.  Inside door latch / lever that is on the door window seal.

12. Valve cover wing nuts.

13. Hood rod support brackets that hold the center of the hood rod into the firewall at one end and into the radiator shell at the other end.

14. Splash Aprons for a 128" Master sedan, not sure length measurement of splash aprons.

15. Cover plate that goes on transmission house right where starter generator connects.

16. Springs, Nuts, Bolts etc. or anything connected to assembly of clutch and brake pedal to transmission. Someone disassembled those parts and they got lost over time by last owner. I've since obtained the Clutch and Brake peddle/arms but I need any hardware that is needed to put everything back the way it was.

17. Nickel plated headlight drums. (I have correct year headlights but they are not the Original Nickel)

18. Nickel plated cowl lights or just bezels.


I can provide pictures of what these items look like if any of my item descriptions don't make sense.


Thank you,



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I have an extra rear hood rod bracket that I fabricated which needs finishing (grinding / hand filing) to be presentable - shown at lower left.

Upper left is my original.  My forward hood rod bracket was missing and replacement I fabricated is shown at right.

These little parts get unfastened from the car when somebody removes the hood and get misplaced pretty often, so it can be hard to find originals.

There is an older thread somewhere in Prewar technical with dimensions for both of these parts posted by either Hugh or me.

PM me if you want the unfinished rear bracket.


hood bkts 1.jpg

hood bkts 2.jpg

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Kevin :

 I think that was me. I had to fabricate the one for Beulah out of aluminum.. When I got the Master then I had an accurate one to copy out of steel. 

 Since I had one in hand I did not make a sketch. But I believe I posted photos when I turned it on the lathe. 

 But I will look.


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