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2 hours ago, beardog49 said:

Is it possible to remove and replace seat control buttons without removing console?

Since the switches for the seats are mounted with screws from the inside of the console, you will have to remove some portions of the console. Right?

I suspect that the switches are loose, that DOES NOT MEAN that the switch is broken, just the mounting tabs that the switch is attached to.

Now tell us what is really wrong and maybe we can help.

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You need to repair the back side of the panel that the switches are mounted to. There is NO PROBLEM with the switches themselves.

Anybody have a photo of the backside of the switch panel? Put it up so 'beardog49' can see it.

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As Hemi said, the plastic caps on the floor under the seat have phillips screws that hold them on at the back (they are almost parallel to the floor). The cover on the "outside" track can be tricky to get out.


There's 2 13mm nuts in the back, and *3* 13mm bolts at the front. Then of course the electrical connector.


This is a GREAT time to clean and lubricate the base mechanism. The original grease gets hard and crap gets stuck in it and jams the mechanism.

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