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  1. Try searching for the TC Club of America. There's also a Facebook group dedicated to them. You might also want to try a few of the turbo MOPAR forums.
  2. Yes. Doorman sells them. You can get the clear housing that has the same brittleness issues as the OEM one, or they have a black one made of a different material that works better. It's a GM trunk latch motor.
  3. Before you drive *anywhere*...check/change the fuel lines in the engine bay and under the car!
  4. OK, it sounds like you've done a bit of work, but: Do you have power at the appropriate fuse? Do you have power at the switch? If no, or intermittent, then you need to start tracing the wire and find the spot where there's bad connection/broken. Do you have good ground? If no, make sure that wiring/physical connection to the chassis is good.
  5. Replace the accumulator first, then bleed the system.
  6. Oh, I agree Wix is one of the better options. I was just wondering.
  7. Bolt or steel round stock the right diameter, cut to the correctly length...
  8. Just curious, why specifically WIX?
  9. Be careful of the roll-over valve/vent! It's plastic, on the top of the tank, and if you drop it too far it'll snap off on you!
  10. Sorry...PCB = Printed Circuit Board
  11. Was there supposed to be something else to this?
  12. Finished stripping the hood and I re-did the front bumper supports yesterday. Yeah...a little obsessive I guess...
  13. That's an odd coincidence. I'm glad the warning lights started working again, but the mirror light bulb shouldn't have anything to do with their operation.
  14. I cleaned up the core support, took off the lower brace and sprayed it with anti-corrosion compound, then reinstalled it. I then decided it was time to sand the hood....HOLY CRAP! Now, I only really had 120 grit (I did use some 80 that *kinda* worked on my orbital, but it's hook&loop and the paper was PSA, so...yeah). After a LONG time, I finally got down to the original primer...*6* coats of paint were on this thing! After that I decided it was time to introduce the hood to the wonderful world of chemicals and started using Aircraft Stripper. That STILL took 3 coats to get it all off! I know the whole car isn't like that, and I knew the hood had been sprayed, but I didn't expect to find what I did. The good news is that thus far it's straight!
  15. Wow! 7419...that's a REALLY late one!