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  1. Thank you! Please check your PM's
  2. Probably enough to do 1 fender, possibly both. I am exploring another option, too. I wanted to possibly do this for my other TC, but because I actually *need* the part, I am considering just making one for this car, too...I am seriously considering making a carbon hood. It wouldn't be a "race car" part...not made for extreme lightness, but it would be a nice "bolt-on" part. More details as I get them...
  3. A universal high-flow unit will do the required job.
  4. Wow! That surprises me that it's common. Kinda scary to think about...how many folks might be driving around with suspect brake systems!
  5. I need to know the current PPG paint code for the red. Apparently the code on the sticker under the hood is not a current code. I don't want to get into it, but bopped the nose of the TC last week. Only real damage is the grill and hood. Body shop wants to blend in over the fender, so I am going to need the pinstripe. Not exactly happy about this. I have considered just finding a good hood as I'd rather not muck with the paint. I guess one way to look at it is, either way, the biggest paint flaw on the whole car is going to be fixed one way or another now!
  6. Oh, don't get me wrong...if I feel safe I will scratch the itch! LOL It's just the time and place at that point was a big "nope" from me.
  7. I am fairly certain that "rumor" was proved out to be *true*...it was NOT a Challenger they blew up at the gas station (and apparently you can see the stunt car rolling through the back of the fireball if you look). Funny enough I saw they era of Challenger on the road not too long ago and it was pretty difficult to be 100% certain it was a Challenger and not a Camaro from anything more than 5 cars behind it from the rear.
  8. Yeah, it had an exhaust on it, so I'm sure it had a tune as well, at least. I KNEW I didn't have a chance.
  9. Well, I have been driving Doyle around quite a bit. My truck has a transmission issue that is going to require a re-build, so for the moment the TC is my daily driver! Not what I intended, but OK. This morning on my way in to work I had a WRX that wanted to play. I REALLY wanted to, but my "maturity" and the nagging feeling that something might go wrong prevented me. I would have been SMOKED, but it would have been fun. I'd like to take it to the drag strip just to see what it does stock.
  10. Ah...That coil might be your issue. Our cars use a different primary resistance coil than some others. In order to help with RFI, we use a capacitor, not a resistor. Check the primary side resistance of that coil and check it against the stock one.
  11. Best bet is to get one out of a known running car to verify it's truly your issue. I am starting to think the connectors are bad at this point.
  12. I saw this write-up the other day on Facebook. I actually took the time to find the true contact information for the author of the article (Mack Hogan) mack.hogan@hearst.com and I sent him a scathing message about how his inept application of journalism can have a negative affect on a collectible vehicle's value and image. Not sure it will do any good, but I am tired of these lazy morons repeating garbage that they either overheard some salty sod spewing, or saw on some other crap car review thread full of morons that have only ever driven rusted out Camry's and F150's. A person should not be
  13. Blown fuse? Bad wires? Bad ground? Bad switch?....
  14. Now, replace the fuel hoses ASAP!
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