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  1. If you are wanting to add a transmission cooler, I highly suggest a good aftermarket one. Yes, factory ones bolt right in, but you have no idea what gunk and crap is inside a used one just waiting to chew your working transmission up.
  2. I posted this trick in its own thread I think, but, if you take the AC compressor off of the bracket and set it aside, you have PLETNY of room for distributor activities. No need to take the intake off. I had to use this trick to get the fuel rail off of mine to replace the regulator.
  3. I don't mind electric cars. Instant torque, quiet, vibration free operation, very limited amount of upkeep...I'm game! As for self-driving, I can write a pretty long article on my thoughts on that, but TL:DR version: the technology is NOT ready because the infrastructure is NOT ready.
  4. To add to Hemi's story on the test drive, I also heard that not only did one fail before it got off the property, but that 3 had failed before they got out of Detroit! As for the guts, I know there's been updates over time and I know the overdrive snap ring is a common failure. I also know that later units can hold a LOT of power (NOT overdrive!!). There were a couple used in Neon SRT-4 cars using an aftermarket controller (no longer available). Those engines were in the 800hp range. The review was that being able to tune the transmission was a quantum leap over the old A413. Unfo
  5. It's been said that there's a commonly available Jeep roll-over valve that will work for our cars on some other forums, but from what I remember vaguely, the part number doesn't directly cross for some reason.
  6. If I'd stayed at the store to change them, yes! LOL It was raining it's butt off and I didn't feel like standing in the rain to change them (and no, I am not going to ask the parts store person to change my wipers as they probably wouldn't know how and break them!) as I was only 1 mile from the house. So, I just drove home and found all this out the next day! LOL
  7. When replacing the pump, make sure to use fuel hose that is submersible AND E85 resistant. Also, use fuel injection clamps, NOT worm gear clamps!
  8. I heard a story from a guy that was around when the A604 was under development in the late 70's I think is what he told me. He said they had a transmission on a dyno and a whole room of computer equipment running it and at the time was told that eventually all of it would be in a car! I can imagine how hard that had to be to believe at the time. Anyway, the point is it took Chrysler almost 30 YEARS to get clutch to clutch electronically controlled and adaptive technology to actually work as intended (mostly). The challenge is in the way it figures out how to apply the clutches. It
  9. Yes, an auxiliary or external cooler for the A604 is pretty much MANDATORY in order for it to live. I'm actually surprised these cars didn't get one beyond the regular integrated one. I'm also a firm believer in oil coolers for turbo cars.
  10. While true (I used to work at Auto Zone), if it doesn't fit, it doesn't fit!
  11. I ended up with Bosch Evolution blades, I believe.
  12. I just ran into an interesting issue. I went to go replace my wipers, picked up some Bosch ICON blades....NO WORKIE! They do NOT accept ANY pin-type arm! Funny enough, the parts cross reference says they will work. That's a big 'ole NOPE. I think I remember a few years ago running into the issue where the "better" blades don't work on the older cars and I went looking for a solution. I never did find one, so it seems the only way around this would be to make your own wiper arms with the hook-style retention. I have not tried that yet, but it might be on my "to do" list.
  13. Just a quick question: how many here have done the relayed headlight wiring upgrade? For those that don't know, the factory wiring for Chrysler back in the day did not use relays to turn the headlights on. ALL of the power load goes through the switches, connectors, etc. before getting out to the bulbs. This does 2 things: #1 it creates a fairly significant voltage drop at the light bulb, reducing its output (you can't see at night!), #2 it can cause electrical issues (fires being the worst possibility) and that switch in the dash can get SUPER hot, melt, etc. To remed
  14. Barbie Girl popped in my head as soon as I looked at it! LOL
  15. Ouch. That sucks. Another one bites the dust. Unfortunately it shows how little damage it takes to total the car. It *could* be fixed, but it looks like it needs to go on a frame machine (right rear quarter is buckled). No engine pictures...
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