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  1. way way way too many $ if you get 6K take the money and run
  2. 3796633 is the casting on the base...but the base was not serviced it was part of the mirror go to Google and put it in this way 3796633 Mopar you will see a number of posts on it I have it in my inventory as the casting # of 4299237 Left CHROME MANUAL MIRROR 1984-89 M Body (RWD) I have 5 NOS hope that helps!!!!
  3. 4463595 Left headlamp NOS 75.00 plus shipping www.arizonaparts.com mkolner14@hotmail.com 480 966 6683
  4. 4373145 is the switch used 1987-89 on various models have those NOS if you need one
  5. 4463983 is the brake lamp switch striker unique to the TC I have this if your need it
  6. post a picture of it!!!!! or the model #
  7. I talked to him...he no doubt would sell it cheap as he knows it has little value to most people. Call him!
  8. have 2 of them PM me or call 480 966 6683 if you need one
  9. https://www.allpar.com/fix/brakes/tc-brake-booster-replacement.html
  10. https://www.allpar.com/fix/brakes/tc-brake-booster-replacement.html
  11. Welcome to the hard brake fix......................not a surprise to most of the members here.
  12. the part # is on the instructions!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! all I can make out is 1450... and for a P24-1 is a 53 Cambridge
  13. 1643 starting numbers are from 1955 looks like one side of it got baked by sun or light
  14. What nobody needs one of these? Would make a great gift or a piece of art sitting on the mantle! Hell the scrap value is at least 3 times what I am asking considering it has at least 3 oz. of gold in it. Next time you hit the brakes, end up in a ditch upside down and have to listen to the CD player cranking out Wayne Newton for 5 days you will think : Dude why didn't I replace that gem when I had the chance? And of course 1. Oh Lord please kill me now....................... 2. Why didn't I change these brakes to the standard non ABS retrofits?
  15. NOS Brake Master Cylinder or Actuator #4464012 Now doesn't this look nice? Well yes it does, it is NOS 500.00 plus shipping www.arizonaparts.com 480 966 6683 mkolner14@hotmail.com
  16. 1954 NOS DODGE MEADOWBROOK HOOD MEDALLION #1541164 135.00 PLUS SHIPPING mkolner14@hotmail.com www.arizonaparts.com 480 966 6683
  17. 1952 NOS DESOTO HOOD MEDALLION PLASTIC HOOD MEDALLION/#1456335 DIE-CAST DESOTO BUST #1456318 185.00 PLUS SHIPPING www.arizonaparts.com mkolner14@hotmail.com 480 966 6683
  18. Sold all of them but might be able to get more as I'm getting them reproduced in Uganda. Minor problem as there is a small rebellion in the region these are being made so will keep everyone posted when there are available. New price FREE!
  19. I'd do it but I just traded the knob for a Yugo Now if I could only start the thing but the pull cord for the motor broke. May have to use one off a lawnmower.
  20. Sold half of this to a guy in the UK. Sent yesterday and will discount the rest for a bulk sale.......super cheap!!!!!
  21. NOS parts: Maserati TC umbrella (red color...these were used in Italy only) 25.00 Maserati TC leather seatbelts (ginger only) set 120.00 possibly prototypes not sure Maserati TC motorized Hardtop carrier (aftermarket) 175.00 Steering wheels 25.00 to 35.00 each depending on the year Floor mats ginger 36.00 per set Shift knobs 18.00 Porthole glass 25.00 Headlights or Tail lights 25.00 each Convertible top weatherstrips 25.00 per side Headlights 30.00 (w/o the cornering lamp) Pull down motors 40.00 Engine harness for the T2 only 40.00 shipping extra www.arizonaparts.com discounts on all orders over 150.00
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