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  1. I purchased the first TC I had ever seen in person from a park and sell lot in 2017. The first thing I noticed was a large pool of trans fluid when I got home. I took it to the shop I sometimes use (my regular one was closed for vacation.) They said the trans cooler was leaking. After several days they contacted me and said they could not find an oem cooler and would have to use an equivalent aftermarket one. After several more days they said they finally found one. So about a month and $400 I finally could drive my TC. I drove it probably a couple of thousand miles over the next several months, then the trans let go in a big way at about 75mph. Parked it for several months, then acquired another identical one with some cosmetic damage, the idea being to make one from two. That kinda fell by the wayside because I had other projects and also realized most TC's are worth little or nothing. I did some parting out before deciding to send them to the scrapper. When we exposed the trans coolers we saw that the oem one was 24" with 4 tubes. All tubes including bends were enclosed in the cooling fins. When looking at the "equivalent" aftermarket unit we found it was a 12" 4 tube unit with only the straight parts of the tubes enclosed in the cooling fins. My question for the experts is is the smaller, less efficient aftermarket cooler sufficient to cool the trans with the turbo inline 4. Also it was installed with two wire ties and just kinda hanging there at an angle. I know that even at 60mph the engine was over three grand, so the trans was getting a workout. Could the smaller cooler possibly be the reason for my trans breaking after only a couple of thousand miles. thanks, john
  3. I also own 206366, 1990, white, black interior, v6, 4sp auto. Car is currently for sale cheeap.
  4. 204325 yellow, tan interior, 1989. Remains will probably be going to the scrapper in the next few days.
  5. 204325 yellow, tan interior, 1989. Remains will probably be going to the scrapper in the next few days.
  6. This car was for sale on Ebay last year, I believe the owner passed by now. I contacted him then because I was interested in the car. He said the spare clipped to the rear bumper with no damage to the bumper.
  7. thanks, just sold seats so the new guy gets to get them out
  8. can anyone tell me how I get to the backside of the console?
  9. My question is how do I get to the backside of the panel? Once I get it out I should be able to figure it out.
  10. Thanks, I have a parts car, just was wondering how much trouble it is to replace them.
  11. apparently it is broken tabs as the switches are still functional
  12. Is it possible to remove and replace seat control buttons without removing console?