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image.png.7f082562aacc8d95a8a08c34b62046d1.pngOur 45 Annual Meet is now in the history books.  "Wings and Wheels" held at the Virginia Beach Aviation Museum on a perfect day brought out some fantastic vehicles once again, and displayed them along with flying vintage aircraft, including a demonstration by one of the only flying Dehaviland Mosquitos (Google that to learn more about this amazing antique WWII airplane).  Check out website for more info and some photos, more will be posted here soon I'm sure.

Although the AACA Bookmobile didn't make it due to some trailer scheduling conflicts at the last minute, our AACA Librarian Chris Ritter and son did attend and participated in our Hagerty sponsored youth judging program.  They had a blast and some great cars to look over too. 

Big thanks for meet co-chairpersons Barry Basnight and Marion McAlpine, Jerry and Ellen Adams, Jim and Donna Elliott and all of the other hardworking TRAACA members for making it such a success.  We're proud to be one of only a few AACA Regions who are using traditional AACA style judging and vehicle classifications.  See you all next year in September!


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Yes - we were honored to have Chris with this for the meet.  Thought I'd get a photo of him just to prove he was really there and not lounging on the beach at the ocean.  We missed having the Bookmobile there but he said he'd bring it next year if he had to drive it.  Recommend fitting some aftermarket AC for him though as it was pretty hot over the weekend.   I'm hopeful that Marc or Bob will post some additional photos soon-I didn't take too many unfortunately. Got tied up with judging then presented a seminar.  Next thing we knew, it was time for the awards.  I just love this meet, not only because it's the "home team" but it's a great location with lots to see and do.  We competed with the Oceana Air Show (Blue Angles) and a bunch of other local events, but it's all a big draw to Va Beach this time of year. 


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We had a great turnout of over 200 antique vehicles for the Tidewater Region's 45th Annual Meet (our "Wings & Wheels" Car Show for the 11 years we've held it at the Military Aviation Museum in Virginia Beach).  For those unfamiliar with the show, we have two show fields--one for AACA-eligible vehicles and one for "Mods & Rods."  Combine those with the world's largest collection of flyable WWI and WWII military aircraft and you have a great day.


We had a Hagerty Youth Judging team out judging vehicles and selecting their own 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Prize winners.  We were supposed to have two teams with 30 kids--mostly Boy Scouts--but our Scouts got pulled off to help collect relief supplies for victims of Hurricane Florence, so we only had one team of 9 kids but they (and our volunteer team leaders--Donna Elliott and John Heimerl) had a lot of fun.  AACA Library & Research Center Director Chris Ritter's son Pierce was one of the judges. 


We also had a special display to commemorate the 100th Anniversary of Chevrolet trucks.  The AACA Library Bookmobile was supposed to be the centerpiece of the display, but was unable to make it because of an issue with the trailer.  Que sera--things happen.  (Anyone who takes cars to car shows has experienced the car, the tow vehicle, or the trailer breaking.)  We were pleasantly surprised to see Chris Ritter, his father, and his son show up in the morning.  We very much appreciate them making the trek from Hershey to Virginia Beach for our show and hope they enjoyed themselves.


Our very own Terry Bond presented a seminar on collecting automobilia--it was very informative and entertaining.  (Terry is a walking database of all things collectible that are antique automobile-related.  His breadth and depth of knowledge is incredible.  Every month he writes an article on collecting for our region's newsletter--it's the foundation of our newsletter, and every month I learn something new.)


The Military Aviation Museum had a special "Snoopy" display on loan from the Charles Schultz Museum and also conducted a flight demonstration of its deHavilland DH-98 Mosquito WWII bomber (the only flying one in the world).


Here are the "Best of" Awards for the AACA side of the field:

Best-in-Show:  1963 Ford Galaxie 500 owned by Greg Cowell

Best British Car:  1986 Jaguar XJS owned by Daniel & Diana Etheridge

Best Camaro:  1969 Chevrolet Camaro Z-28 owned by Paul Fuqua

Best Chevrolet:  1931 Chevrolet AE Independence Roadster owned by Donna Elliott

Best Classic Car:  1930 Packard 745 Roadster owned by Al Becker

Best Corvette:  1958 Chevrolet Corvette owned by Scott Davies

Best Foreign Car:  1967 Alfa Romeo Duetto owned by Skip Patnode

Best German Car:  1969 VW Beetle owned by Debbie Nolen

Best GM Car:  1929 Buick Master 4-door sedan owned by Ken Talley

Best Jeep:  1942 Ford GPW Jeep owned by Sam Kern

Best MOPAR Car:  1937 Dodge Westchester Station Wagon owned by Kit Lawrence

Best Mustang:  1966 Ford Mustang convertible owned by Wes Neal

Best Orphan Car:  1970 AMC AMX owned by Joe Gentile

Best Pontiac Car:  1962 Pontiac Ventura owned by Tommy Nolen

Best Pre-War Ford:  1931 Ford Model A Pickup owned by Andy Ott

Best Truck:  1966 Chevrolet El Camino owned by Charlie Dawson


Attached are some more photos.  Please come to our 46th Annual Meet next year on Saturday, 28 September 2019, so we can post a photo of your car, too!  (Next year's special display will be "Automobiles Through the Decades" with 1-2 autos displayed from each decade from the 1900-2019 so spectators can see the change in design, features, and technology throughout automotive history.)

DSC_9337 - Copy (3).JPG














Edited by Mark McAlpine
Added comment about Terry Bond's seminar. (see edit history)
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