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1984 Pontiac Fiero

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Oh how it hurts to see these 1980s ads in the AACA library.  It really can’t be that long ago I was in the showrooms looking at them and then purchasing a 1983 Camaro Z-28.  Bright red with a five speed no less!  Time sure does fly by.

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My '85 Fiero GT was a fun car and handled better than the reviews suggested. The only problem I had was it always got my knees sore getting in and out.

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While  at Cadillac in QC,  went to Fiero Plant in Pontiac, sealing issues.


Very interesting " Mill and Drill" operation.  
As I recall, Body panels were fitted to the "space frame" via epoxy pads that were faced on a very large multi tool machine that faced the entire cars space frame.

There was spot welder who could shoot sparks all the way to the aisle way, he got me once, lots of holes in back of my clothing.

But he never got me again.

I noticed his ability to spot newbys that did not know his talent in targeting them.

People I took there were cautioned to let "him" know they were looking at him as they passed.


An interesting time.


We even had  some guys at Cadillac, working on their own, trying to engineer the  installation of a V8 with rear wheel drive in the Fiero.

Wanted to modify and drive a hotter car.


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