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PLy 1934 PE engine rebuild


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Hi everybody, 

I'm in the process of rebuilding the engine of my 1934 PE.

I have found the thermostat housing in bad condition and  I think it is beyond repair.

Also the oil strainer has holes in the mesh, and I'm looking for a new one.

Have been doing some search looking for both parts with no success........ anybody that could help with these parts or any place where to look?


Any information will be greatly appreciated






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I looked at Andy Bernbaum Auto Parts online catalog, but, as you probably already know, he doesn't show

either part back to 1934.  But, that is not to say he doesn't have a used one or may know where to find one.

I see Bernbaum shows having a '35 thermostat housing, but the gasket for them goes back further than '35.

What is the difference between a '34 and a '35 and could a '35 be machined to work on your engine ?


Also, have you contacted AMS Obsolete in Georgia ?  (Used to be Mitchell Motor Parts).  They may have

one of both parts you need.  If not new, maybe used.

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I  have now solved problem with the thermostat housing still searching for the oil screen.

AMS obsolete shows part, but currently they have no stock.

Part No.314682

Oil strainer, bowl type 1934-1937


I now know there are other types so measurements can help confirm if this is the correct screen

Diameter 5 1/4

Hole diameter 3/4

width 2 inch


Any help will be appreciated








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I pulled one out of an engine block recently that had a hole of about the same size that had been filled with JB Weld. Not the exact answer you are looking for, and it's definitely not the best solution, I am sure, but it seems to have held up for quite a while. Don't count this as an endorsement of such a solution. I just thought it was an interesting fix.




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