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  1. Also, Tri-Matic Spring Co., Savannah, Tennessee, is a spring manufacturer. www.trimaticspring.com They could probably make any type of spring you wanted.
  2. I see that Summit Racing Equipment has hood springs listed in their catalog. You might want to contact them with your specs and see if they have something that will work for you.
  3. Does Mac's Antique Auto Parts not have all these items ? They sell most everything for a Ford car or truck.
  4. Par, One of those children may want that car one day. You should keep it.
  5. Keith, That is a great looking car. I know you will enjoy it.
  6. Marc, Try AMS Obsolete in Fairmount, GA. Go to their website and send them an email or call. They probably have these parts if they are stock MOPAR pieces.
  7. 42319DB34, Did you see the one that was for sale on eBay back in 2016 from a fellow in Blacksburg, VA ? It didn't sell. Might be (probably is) a long shot, but you might want to contact the seller (elijah12012) and see if he still has it or knows the location of one.
  8. I am definitely no paint expert, but the metal on your mufflers looks like it has been galvanized. The process (galvanization) is intended to stop rust. I do not know if you can successfully paint over galvanized metal. Back when i was a kid, my dad got me to paint over the galvanized gutter system on our house most every year, but house paint back in the '50s & '60s (enamel) would not stay on it very long.
  9. Great find, Joe. I know you will have fun with it. Send us more photos as time permits.
  10. Not a '64, but this car is for sale on a local used car lot, or it was yesterday. Zip code 35630.
  11. Well, that's odd, as I just went to the NAPA on-line store and it listed 10 spark plugs that were an "exact fit" for your car. Among those listed were the Autolite 295's that I think are in my Plymouth now. You may need to make another visit to this store.
  12. Alfa, I did several searches on this topic and could find nothing. There was this "block" of time beginning in 1991 that ran for several years that was known as "Tier 1" for emissions standards. One site referred to the "block" of time (years) prior to 1991 as "Tier 0" or "pre-Tier 1", but the earliest table I could find with the information you need is from "Tier 1", but I don't think that this van would have to comply with "Tier 1" emissions. NOx emissions for Tier 1 light duty vehicles was 0.97 grams/mile for vehicles heavier than 3,750 lbs. but lighter than 6,000 lbs., if I read the table correctly. -Bill
  13. Michael, The arms and blades for your car are shown in the Andy Bernbaum catalog.
  14. Bill, If you do a google search for that dealership, you will see a "hit" where the dealership was mentioned in an article written by Dean Yates in the Carolina Regions' (Plymouth Owners Club) newsletter. Dean may know or know of some dealer items for sale. http://clubs.hemmings.com/carolinaplymouth/85_PlyNews.pdf This article was from February, 2016.