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  1. I thought our cars used offset pins in the base ? Am I wrong ? This bulb has straight pins.
  2. Jim, Did you check with RJL Auto Fasteners. Their catalog shows similar clips, but they may be too big. No dimensions given in catalog on most clips.
  3. What make is this truck ??? Year ???
  4. Have you checked with one of the major automotive wiring places, like YnZ or Rhode Island Wiring ?
  5. Yes. A "who dunnit" movie. At "the scene of the crime", you hear in the distant, a siren: Hi, Lo, Hi, Lo, Hi, Lo, etc. It gets louder and louder. All of a sudden, a black Traction Avant screeches to a halt, the front door swings open, and a detective (plain clothes) gets out. I love it !!!
  6. You might want to contact a or your favorite auto upholstery shop. I believe the windshield and back glass have to come out to replace the headliner. They will know a glass man that can do this job.
  7. This reminds me of an incident I had once. It was in about 1974. I had a '62 Chevrolet Impala two door hardtop. It had starter problems. I took it to a Chevrolet dealership. The Service Manager wanted to know whether I wanted a new starter (AC/Delco), a rebuilt starter from a parts store or a used starter from a wrecking yard. I asked him which one he would choose. He said probably a used starter from a wrecking yard. So, he sent one of his men to the yard to get a starter. When the man came back with it, the Service Manager was suspicious that it had been rebuilt. They opened up, and sure enough, it had. So, a fellow went back to the wrecking yard a second time to get a used starter. Same result. Now I am not sure if it was the third starter or fourth starter from the wrecking yard that had not been rebuilt. Anyway, they installed the last starter and that was the end of my starter problems as long as I owned the car.
  8. Mike, When I clicked on Xander's photos on my PC, they became "full frame" top to bottom, so they could not have been any larger to be able to see the complete photo, unless one would want to enlarge a certain section to see a detail.
  9. Ted, These are my thoughts: Fuel gauge - you will need to attach an appropriate fuel level sender plus a voltage (6 or 12) to test this. Oil pressure - if it has electric terminals on the back, it will need a sending unit. If it has a threaded fitting on the back, it will need a section of tubing and a liquid (oil) running through the tube under pressure to test. Water temp - if it has electrical terminals on the back, it will need a sending unit to test. If it has a threaded fitting on the back, it will need a section of tubing filled with some liquid (I cannot recall what this is), plus a fitting that screws into the engine block to test. These fittings plus liquid in the tubing for water temp gauges are sealed units. Amp meter - this can be tested by attaching this meter between the battery (+ terminal if neg gnd or - terminal if pos gnd) and the "load" (all the rest of the circuit). You may be able to find some instructions on-line at the gauge manufacturers website.
  10. I am liking all these great photos. Here is one of me "fooling around" with my dad's 1941 Nash. I think this was from about 1949.
  11. From a couple of days ago here in NW Alabama....
  12. Maybe they will turn in a few more days.
  13. That was the first thing i thought about. There are some good videos on that channel. It appears that over time, the state/city has added more and more signage/flashing lights before that rail bridge, but it still does not stop some drivers from "giving it a try". Some folks think that "signage" doesn't apply to them. But, physics still proves that X = X and if one tries to put X + 1 or X + 2 under X, something has to give.
  14. Alan, That chassis assembly is really too pretty to cover up.
  15. The plus is this model comes with your own, personal "mechanics chair". It's easy to just have a seat and work in the engine bay.
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