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1977 Celica GT Liftback - Rare Survivor

Guest Vintage Celica GT

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Guest Vintage Celica GT

This is one of the best ever examples of Toyota styling and it was produced for only two years. A knock-off of the Mustang - only better looking. The second one I've bought but by far the better one. This one is as original as any in North America, With only 78K miles on it, it's a real head-turner whether you remember them or not. So fun to drive and runs like new! 








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I bought one new and used it for everything, it even towed my race car on a tandem axle trailer. I made a couple of fast, long interstate journeys single handed in it. Sadly after two,years I sold it and bought a new Mazda 2 litre coupe. There was really not very much to compare between the two. The thing the Mazda really failed on was that it would burn up ALL the oil in the sump if you did not keep a careful watch on it. Not what you expect from a NEW car. I now drive a 1996 Peugeot 405 two litre sedan that I have had from new and would not change for anything. Not even a new Peugeot. The only thing that has failed on the Peug is the air-con and I can live without it. I rarely open the hood and seldom have to add anything except petrol and water for the windscreen washer. It is a 5 speed manual and a delight to drive. It lives out in the open and always starts first try. There is no rust anywhere, the (silver-grey) paint  comes up like new with just a wash, the velour interior is virtually unmarked. I will have to fit a new set of tires before winter. (I live in Melbourne Australia.) I sealed up the sun-roof with silicone after it started to leak rather than pay to import a new seal from France. (I rarely opened it)............




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I bought a new 1977 Celica GT Liftback in late 76 and drove that car for like 13 years+ and with hardly any unusal maintenance.Just tires , oil, filters ,brakes , tires. Great little touring car for my wife and I when we were dating and work commuter, finally body rusted so we gave it to a friend to use.

Mine was Silver with the black interior.


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A friend took this pic at Top Notch Hamburgers in Austin TX & I posted it:


After it posted, I received a few "thank yous" for giving some love to the old Celica!



Cort, www.oldcarsstronghearts.com
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