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Modified 263 for my 1950 41D

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You were LOTS of help Tom!    


 I did rebuild the transmission this year.  Another job I did not think I could do. Turned out " a piece a cake".   The back bearing was rough.  It is holding up ok. I really don't beat on it too much.  The place I enjoy and appreciate the engine is on the road.  Hills?  Where?  Need to pass? Go for it!  Not quite  C note on the dash acceleration ,  just a solid pull.  And it doesn't seem to quit.


  Bet you have a lot of stories.  Too bad we are so far apart. Drinking coffee and talking Buick Straight Eight would be FUN.


 Thanks for the back pats.



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Well , folks, time for another update and a "tell all " 


  I believe after Oklahoma City I mentioned, somewhere, that George would overheat if the AC was used while towing the teardrop. Ok with either or, just not both at the same time.  So I just did not use AC while towing.     Well, last summer, while doing neither and enjoying No Texas scenery on a 100+ day and not paying attention  , he overheated.  Way over.  I let it cool down , added water and it did it again. Watching this time, so not excessive.  Kept this up and made home . I knew , from the OKC trip, as noted, the radiator was marginal.  SO, I bought back one I had sold to Pete. A Roadmaster one.  Installed same.  Boy, is it close.  Fan about 1/2 in from radiator and 1/2 inch from pulleys.  Temp now holds 180, even with the 195 stat.  All good!   NOPE, another gremlin reared it's ugly head.  A noise.  Kept getting louder with time. 

     Pulled the head and found score marks in 1 & 4.  Or rather deposit marks.  The overheating back in summer had done some damage that was not going away.   Two of my "gold plated " pistons had swelled enough to mar the cylinders and stick the rings.  This was in Jan, I think. Tear down AGAIN!  Did not pull the engine .   Time lag on replacement pistons was three months!   Finally got it all back together last week and all is well, I hope.  I have driven about 150 miles so far.     New rings. Rod bearings replaced just because.

  The cylinders were not marred. Just looked that way. All the aluminum cleaned off . Lightly honed to "bust the glaze" as Dad said.


  So onward and forward. Or something like that.



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I was asked for pictures of the AC installation, and cannot find them. I thought I had posted some, but guess not.  So here goes. 20210522_190512.jpg.6d75c8aa978ab0c6f21da3d3b73ccb91.jpg20210522_190353.jpg.693fca2dc3977e50bfc57140c985dec0.jpg20210522_190334.jpg.c34bdadfe400337e1c53e77950c3300c.jpg


 This one shows' the Sanden mounted on the original generator bracket. Mounted on the compressor is the bracket to which the alternator is mounted. The inner pulley groove aligns with the crank pulley.  The outer groove drives the alternator.  



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