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1956 Open Driveline Conversion


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For sale. For $400 you can convert torque tube '56 Buick to open driveline. 1961 Invicta 3rd member will bolt right up to your rear housing and the stock '56 axles will slide right in as the splines are the same. Chevy C-10 trailing arms U-bolt to the axle housing and connect to your cross member that can be modified from the included C-10 crossmember. The only change for the axle housing is moving brake lines away from U-bolts.
So, you get a 61 Invicta pumpkin, C-10 trailing arms and cross member, U-bolts and misc nuts and bolts.
George Haskett   Union, WA    360-432-3462


2016-04-07 Edison 002.JPG

2016-04-07 Edison 003.JPG

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