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  1. Never mind. Set up coming from New Mexico.
  2. Need the whole works from pedal rod to the carb. Thanks.
  3. I need '56 Special throttle assembly. Pedal rod, brackets, mounts, etc. It mounts to the driver side head. Thanks. ghaskett@hctc.com
  4. Anyone have luck finding replacement body mount bushings in the after market vs some of the Buick sites. Thanks!
  5. Thanks RE: Shiftworks. I already have other issues covered. The heap already has dual quad 401, Turbo 400 and complete Jaguar IRS in her. I have a 700R4 and adapter for it and was concerned about the shifter, that's all.
  6. Has anyone hooked up a 700R4 to a '56 Buick? If so, what did you do about the column shift when you had to go from 2 speed to 4 speed shift points. Thanks.
  7. I don't have torque tube issues. Open driveline now. Just wondering if anyone has put a Gear Vendors in a 122" wheelbase '56.
  8. It looks like I'll need the Jaws of Life for this job. Is my assumption far off?
  9. 3:31 JAG IRS and at 65mph I'm slinging around 25, 2600 rpm. Gear Vender is a constant 0.78. I am looking for info from anyone who has bolted one up in a '56 X frame Thanks.
  10. I have a '56 with 1965 dual quad 401 and SP400. I was looking at the Gear Vendor Overdrive and am wondering if anyone has put one in a '56 and if so, did you have to modify the 'X' in the frame. I know all about adapting a 700R4, but I'm really interested in the Gear Vendor. Thanks.
  11. Any issues with switching out standard headlamps with Halogen headlamps? I have alternator in place of the old generator. Thanks.
  12. Thanks to both of you for the input. George
  13. I don't have high beams. The dash mounted high beam indicator red light works. Low beam works. The switch is new. The high beam and high beam indicator utilize a gray wire. Somewhere along the way the wire splits. One part goes to the indicator and the other goes out to the headlights. So, my guess is that the problem lies somewhere from the split out to the headlights. Gee, the wires are only 63 years old! The other hairball thought is that I've lost high beam in both lamps. Could happen, I suppose, but it's a stretch. Thanks.
  14. The added costs are a deal killer. I'm in Canada for the week, but when I get home I'll call Russ about cutting the front off the 2004R. The adaptor for hooking up 700R4 or 2004R is about $725 plus getting driveline altered. Russ's bellhousing is $850, the computer is around $,1400 plus getting the 200 cut up. Russ is really pushing his bell housing vs using the adapter. I am aware of the TV issues. Looks like I'd be smart to go with the Bendstens.
  15. You are correct about the 4L60 bellhousing. This would be for my 56 Special. Already have dual quad 401 and 400 tranny in her. I do a lot of freeway travel out here in Washington State and I have a 700R4 so it looks like that will be my route. I'd prefer a 200 but then I've got to get it whacked for Russ's bellhousing. A lot of 6 of this and 6 of that going on here. Thanks again for the input.
  16. Thanks for the great question. I also have the same thought, but Russ, out in California, says that his bellhousing only works on the "E" and get this...it has to come from a 98-99 GM 1500 or 98-2002 full size GM van. Very odd, but there must be a good reason for him to say that. I can only guess that it has to do with the housing bolt pattern perhaps. Life would be sweet if the 4L60 hooks up to his housing.
  17. One other thing. I only want to know about the 4L60-E. Thanks.
  18. Has anyone hooked up a 4L60-E tranny to a 401-425 Nailhead. I know about the adapters, etc, but need to know what you did about the electronics required to run the tranny. Thanks.
  19. I'm sure you know that the '56 Century had more stock compression and horsepower than did the stock '56 Special.
  20. There is a lot to be said for putting a modern, warrantied crate engine in. However, you likely will need a brain box. An updated tranny means an OPEN drive line and rear end pumpkin. Kiss the torque tube goodbye. You will need to then link up the rear end/axle housing with trailing arms. Chev C-10 long trailing arms and axle housing u-bolts work great for this. The torque tube and it's arms cannot be used in any manner what so ever. If you can find a 61 Invicta pumpkin, it will bolt right up to the rear housing--no kidding--and the '56 axles will slide right in too. Rebuilding the 322
  21. Russ, at Centerville, out in California has a adaptor set up for a 200R4 to a 364-401 or 425. His set up basically replaces the original bellhousing, which is milled off. Has anyone used this set up? Thanks.
  22. Has anyone done this? I have a great running 65 Riv 401 with T400 set up, but would like to go to a 700R4. A 30% reduction in rpm might keep the old nailhead running a bit longer.
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