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  1. Would not believe it got home with a single freeze plug and found the full set I lost
  2. Thanks buddy I have the one leaking and a full set of them hiding somewhere, so I just ran down the parts shop and got the one i needed.
  3. Thanks buddy you are the best
  4. Any one know the size of the freeze plug just under the head on the side of the block on a 1956 322
  5. Any one know the size of the freeze plug just under the head on the side of the block on a 1956 322
  6. yes buddy I did minus the booster and master because I'm in Australia and the extra weight made it cost prohibitive
  7. have delt with this guy he is great and I would recommend the conversion
  8. his brake set up works well
  9. looking for a 1956 special mustache will need to ship to Australia
  10. Just found this thread great shed whish I could build a timber shed here, have enough timber on my land to build one but way to many white ants (termites)
  11. oh do I know the feeling of some one else pulling a part and putting a car back together the rear end of my car had no bushes and the track rods were finger tight
  12. yep have seen it and have quite a bit of info on it but my 56 will do for the moment I would really love a 57 roadmaster
  13. at this stage I am playing with options. For myself welding a few brackets on a standard housing is the easiest way being that my former job was a boilermaker. So 8 brackets and a diff centre swap are easier than 4 brackets setting up new brakes and having axels redrilled to Buick stud pattern . If on the other hand finding a 61 centre becomes a nightmare I will look at the Holden 10 bolt complete or a mid 70s Lincoln 9" which are wide enough and just so happen to be 5x5 stud pattern I like to have all my parts at hand before I do anything as I really hate stoping half way through a job
  14. No pictures as of yet as for which Holden ,hq through to WB Holden had a 10 bolt rear end with trailing arms triangulated that line up fairly well will require some brackets fabrication . As it stands now my car is driving , but long term I would like to change to a late model transmission . so I have two choices find a diff centre that bolts in saving me the hassle of stud patterns or bolt a Holden rear end in complete and have to stuff around with redrilling axels. all of these things I can manage but the centre change seems like the easy option when you
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