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My Wife has a stack of old car pix


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The centre car looks like a '13 or '14 Cadillac.



Yes, we looked up 12-14 Cadillac in the B.R. Kimes Standard Catalog and 1913 Cadillac is a good match. 

  It is a huge book to look through page by page. 

     Thanks Peter !

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The left side car is noticeable earlier than the other two; it has gas lights and no front doors so is probably from around 1909-1910.  Note it has a curved front axle and a longish hood suggesting it might be a smaller six.


The stock tyre size for the 1914 Cadillac was 36 x 4 1/2 (27") rim and at a guess the left side car is on 33 x 4s (25" rim) and the EMF(?) is on something in between (34 x 4?).

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