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  1. https://www.ebay.com/itm/233208208108?hash=item364c4adaec:g:D~wAAOSwKVtcrC0n Matt Scroll down and there are a number of felt seals by this vendor. Maybe he has what you require. Best Charley
  2. Thanks to all those that replied. Charley
  3. Can someone pm me Matt's contact info? He used to post on the forum out of N. Y. Thanks in advance. Charley
  4. Excellent craftsmanship. Don't stop now! Charley
  5. A gentleman on The Ford Barn posted the two photos. Any idea on the year and manufacturer? Thanks Charley
  6. Larry Maybe these will be helpful to you. Charley
  7. I have a 1913/14 Cadillac r.h. drive steering column. Complete with spark and gas levers, aluminum spider less wood wheel, steering box and arm. Send a pm if you'd like pictures. Charley in Ohio
  8. Have this PREST O STARTER if it would suit your needs. $125.00 plus shipping. Charley
  9. James I'm not having any trouble with it. Charley
  10. Need the latch and channel that attach the round wood timer cover to the body. These mount inside the body. Thanks Charley
  11. Thanks Mark. Was just trying to locate original parts if someone has. Best Charley
  12. Need latch and channel that attaches the round wood timer cover to the body. They mount on the inside of the body. In the states only please. Thanks Charley
  13. Need the latch and channel that attach the round wood timer cover to the body. These mount inside the body. Thanks Charley
  14. 1907-08 Model G or K White Steamer! You'd be living the dream back then. Best Charley
  15. 1904 City of PHILADELPHIA PA prestate porcelain license plate. Charley
  16. We have an early 1908 Model F two cylinder Buick. The car has a left over 1907 radiator and body. Notice the two brackets that attach from the rear seat section to the top of the rear fenders for support. The rest is all 1908. My friend Dave Tansey also found a photo in an old Horseless Carriage Gazette of an identical car back in the day. That car had a windshield ours never did. Attached a few photos of our car about 1962. Charley
  17. Possibly his obituary would list children and grandchildren with locations. Would give you more names to check. Charley
  18. Dave Yes he is Amish. It's a one man shop. He also restores horse drawn hearses. Steve's a craftsman. Was recommended to me by Tom Muth and Lump on this forum. I requested horsehair only and that's what he did. Thanks for the compliment. Best Charley
  19. Steve Stutzman Community Carriage and Leather Peebles Ohio just did the upholstery and top on our 08 Buick F. Extremely pleased Charley
  20. Ed April fool's day was a few days ago. Charley
  21. 1909 or 1910 REO 2 cylinder. Charley
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