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1973 Gerstenslager


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Hi.  New to the forum.  Dont really dable in old cars but I have friends with a couple and certainly enjoy them.


I have an opportunity to buy a 1973 Gerstenslager Truck/bus .




Guy is asking 35k  !!!  


Big number, but its a big unique truck.


About 69K miles on it.  Apparently runs (said it was out of gas when he tried to start it) but I am willing to let him get it started.


Funny thing is that he was selling it for $8500 3 years ago.  Did he get educated on the value or is he looking for a sucker?


Thanks for any info. There doesnt seem to be much except book mobile memories.



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Had to do a quick search. Gerstenslager was a typical body company that built truck bodies on other brand chassis. If you look over the model carefully you will find it is really a Ford, International, or other make chassis with a Gerstenslager body.


They specialised in bookmobiles, emergency rescue vehicles, and also built the Oscar Mayer Weinermobiles.


The above model appears to be an emergency rescue vehicle.


It appears to be a well made vehicle in decent condition but no way is it worth that kind of money. You can buy old bread vans etc for a few thousand. I would have called $8500 very high unless there was something about it I don't know about.

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Despite it's being red and white, my first thought upon seeing it was bookmobile. I'm sure that it is relatively rare, but then, too, are white elephants. Over the years I've encountered sellers with many such odd vehicles and it seems that they have them for many years before they finally arrive at the right price to attract someone.

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If you're not really into older vehicles, that 

is certainly a large vehicle to begin your hobby!

Follow your dreams, but also be aware about

maintenance and storage.  Do you have your

own barn, or can you find a place to store it?

Never leave an old car or truck outside for long

unless you want to see it deteriorate and lose value.

If you're getting it fixed up and running and it

breaks down, how will you have it towed?


If you like the idea of having an older vehicle,

and any old cars or pick-up trucks catch your fancy,

they may be a better way to get started in the hobby.

(And we can give advice on them too!)

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