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Tyre options for replacing 600/650 16's

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Back in the 60's when there was less choice of certain size tires than today we used some 6 or 8 ply 7.00X17 truck tires on a 1933 Pierce-Arrow. They functioned fine but provided for a noticeably harder ride, and the Pierce-Arrow was not a light car.


Personally I don't think you would be at all happy with 12 ply truck tires in that size on any passenger vehicle. I fear the ride might be somewhat akin to solid rubber.

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Actually, have you investigated Bridgestone Duellers 205R16c?  An acquaintance in New Zealand says he's put them on his '37 Terraplane, '39 Nash, and several 1920's cars.  The Terraplane (and probably the Nash) would have had 600 x 16 tires originally.  The Duellers are tubeless (and that is how he runs them).  He says he's put 10,000 miles on the Terraplane's tires already, and this is at speeds of 50-55 mph and over blacktop highways to gravel mountain roads. He's inspected the wheels and they show no stress cracks (something that's rumored to happen when radials are fitted to older wheels that were not made for them).


The Duellers were original equipment on 4wd Toyota trucks imported to N.Z. but farmers removed the tires in favor of more "off road" tires, so there was an abundance of the tires available rather inexpensively.  You may find the same situation in Australia.

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Thanks Jon37,

Coincidentally only today I was told by a tyre guy that 205r16's have the same 28" OD as

6.00 16's. Original 600 16 tyres are only about 6" wide over sidewalls ( tread about 4.5" wide) whilst a 205 tyre is about 8" over the sidewalls. I wonder about clearance !!

I am considering 195 x 75 x 16 which is about 1/2" smaller in Dia but a saving on width. Other question is that they will probably need tubes as the '39 Chrysler wheels have riveted centres which I guess wouldn't be air tight.........so many if's and buts' and worry's !!!!!!!

Is there a solution ???

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Guest bkazmer

the nominal sidewall is the treadwidth x the aspect ratio,   So for a 225  60 it's 225 mm x 0.60.

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