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Warning Points?

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Guest Flyer1

Warning points are when members are naughty on forums,get enough of them and a holiday from forums is usually a result,,,well it 

is on other forums that use this same software,usually goes hand in hand with the notifications box to behave....it is up to Mods. to

decide at the end of the day if points are accumulated.

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As I understand it, forum users see that only on their own profile. While Moderators would see points issued for all users, forum users don't see points (if any) on other forum members. 

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Warning points are an intriguing feature. Apparently they will be awarded to a miscreant, for what? A transgression from civility? The questioning of an official AACA policy? The posting of a dull post? Poor grammar, spelling, punctuation? It seems to me that a list of transgressions would be useful so as to avoid the dreaded warning points. On the other hand a feature that would award good points,that could be used to offset possible future warning points, or work off current bad points would be most welcome. I can think of a few terms that could be used to describe the positive points.

On a positive note. A lot of work has obviously gone into the rework of the forum. Kudos to all involved.............Bob

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The only people who see "warning points" are yourself and your own warning points, and the moderators, they see everyone's warning points.


Warning points are issues for dressing funny or driving a car with chrome lug nuts, among other infractions.  A full list is posted just outside the door of the clubhouse.  :ph34r:

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