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Late 70's early 80's Mopar Chrome latch locks? to what car?


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I recently bought a lot of NOS parts and came across this kind of odd latch or lock assembly (rods, controls) for some mopar product I think. The package was mailed in 1981. The chrome handles or locks levers have the typical Mopar textured chrome pattern I've seen on other 75-80 era Mopar products. There are no familiar Mopar logos or numbers on the part. The box has a number 4054521 number on it. That does resemble a Mopar number from the late 70's.May even be some sort of gate latch or convertible / T top latch. Maybe even a van or Rampage part. Could be Dodge Colt related even.. The grip of the handle is 3 and 1/2 inches long. The overall length of the rods is about 9 and 1/2 inches. The label says rod and Bellcrank. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Online searches result in no matches. post-43003-143143057311_thumb.jpg



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If it's outside sourced for a limited application or for the mitsubishi based Mopar products, the Colt I know was one as well as a couple others, not all those parts had the pentistar. It does have numbers on it but none of which look anything like valid Mopar numbers. It could even be wagon seat related. maybe a release lever? The main handle by itself would make sense but the 2 small levers or knobs throw me off. It almost looks like you would push or pull them to unlock them then you could move the rods with the main handle. The label on the box I have looks Mopar although I don't see a Mopar logo on it either.

The handle is the exact same texture and style as the hood molding I had for a 1976 or 1977 Dodge car.

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That seems like it would make sense especially by the design. I tried a google image search. No luck as you said. I do have a truck parts catalog that year so let's hope there is an exploded view. Not that it's really worth much but I would rather sell it to someone that needs it than throw it out. Thanks for the lead.

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