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1963 Buick Riviera compleat trumpet horn set with brackets.

62 driver

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25% of the new Rivieras left the factory in 1963 with these horns. That's about 10,000 cars, 10,000 sets of them floating around out there. As hard as they seem to be to find, I have a hard time calling these "very rare".

I see a wire, but the special connector required to hook these up to the existing horn relay do not appear to be included (not that I can see).

You will need to add the rubber insulator sleeves around the trumpet neck where the clamps hold the horns. You can probably see in the pictures that the clamps to not fully close down on the neck. They would rattle around under there if not clamped down well.

I will say, I have these on my '63 and they REALLY get people's attention.


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yup yup-"rare" is so much over used in our 'old car' world to the point that it's meaning is about lost. Most goofy drivers give my big ol Buicks a wide berth anyway-but if needed, a blast from those horns is almost like a giant hand giving them a shove! Dan Mpls. Mn.

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