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64 Riviera Throttle wierdness

Bill Stoneberg

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I have finally finished rebuilding the engine and putting it back in my 64 Riviera after a valve broke and went round and round trashing pistons etc.

My question is on the throttle linkage, it seems like I have a large amount of "slack" in the linkage, almost like I am missing a spring someplace.

Same carb, didn't touch that it this process. It came off, sat on a shelf and went back on. Removed the linkage from the throttle shaft and it sat up against the firewall till it was time to hook it back up. One thing I did notice is that while advancing the trottle it pushes on the accelerator pump and opens the throttle plates but there is no ressistance at all.

Like I said, it acts like I am missing a spring but I dont see one in pictures or in the parts.

Any ideas as it is undriveable like it is.

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If your 64 is like my 65, there is a spring that connects to a little hole in the bottom

of the throttle arm. The hole is on the bottom of the pivot assembly located right behind the left head.

The other end of this big stiff spring hooks into a hole on a little bracket coming off of the firewall. when installed, this spring runs pretty much straight up and down and is located right behind the engine in the space between the back of the engine and the firewall.

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Its raining and I cant fill the garage with fumes (car is parked with the tailpipes pointing in and engine out), so its waiting till the sun comes out. It ran but I turned it off because it was racing. I still need to break the cam in before I can drive it.

Sun may be out on Sunday I hope.

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