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Coker Singers(?) at Hershey???


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I am jumping way ahead of my slow pace at the "Hershey 2014 Favorite Photos" thread, but I've been unable to find any references (at Coker web sites and/or other places) about this group of young people with what appear to be WWII-era military uniforms/clothing, that were seen at various points around Hershey this year. Someone told me they were singers?? Anyone have any info? Thank you.


EDIT: Just discovered Coker Tire Facebook page and posted an inquiry there also: https://www.facebook.com/cokertireco?fref=nf

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Mystery solved. When they showed up at Hershey 2015, I aked them.


They are a family from Tennessee and they enjoy history- esp. WW II history.


So the children wear the uniforms to spur conversations about the "Great War"; and to show appreciation for those who served.


In the picture (above), I think Mr. Coker was simply extolling the virtues of his many product lines. :)

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Not sure if it was one of the same family but a young fellow in full WW-2 like uniform went by our space (late afternoon not much foot traffic) on what appeared to be an electric unicycle. Smaller wheel than a normal unicycle and just pads/pegs to stand on, no pedals. Was going right along with his hands behind him like he was at parade rest.

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