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Looking for 1939 Special running board trim


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'39 was the only year that Special and Century had a choice of either running boards or streamboards. I am almost certain the side trim was different on the two. The streamboard trim will be much harder to find.

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Buick Restoration Services, P.O. Box 442, Perry, MI 48872, can supply beautiful and correct stainless-steel running board moldings for 1934 thru 1940 cars. They're near-perfect. Mail them a self-addressed stamped envelope, and you'll be glad you did. My advice: use stainless steel washers and nuts when you mount them on your running boards
Believe Jim Campbell (Buick Restoration Services), has a die for these. Not sure if he is still in business, as he getting on in years. He owns a low mileage unrestored 1939 century:- a superb car. Edited by 1939_buick
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I post in the wanted section too. I've only seen 1 set for sale in my 5 years of restoration (and that was 5 years ago), so I know they're not easily found. Already tried Dave T.

If anyone knows of a set, let me know! Thanks!

FYI, I think I still have a pair of '39 Series 40 moldings for running boards (the streamboards are different). However, they are buried in the garage, with two stored cars blocking them, and it will be mid-January at earliest before I can try to get to them. The moldings are in very nice condition (one may be NOS) and I can provide more photos after getting them out. I have made no attempt to polish them.

It is very difficult to put a value on these, so I will probably put them on Ebay. I will advise if and when that happens. Meanwhile, here are photos for your reference.




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Craigslists in Southern California, Los Angeles, Orange county and Inland Empire show a pair of 1939 Buick running boards that look like they have the trim intact. Maybe someone in Socal could look at them for you. I have a complete set of restorable 1939 Special stream boards that will be for sale after the new year. Have no idea what there value is so I'll list them on Ebay and let the market place determine their value. I'll notify Buick club members when I list them. Bob H

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Thanks for the updates and photos!

I spoke with Jim Campbell. Great guy. He said he hasn't manufactured the trim since about 2003 (started in 1974). He has several different ones left, but did not have a set to sell me for a 1939 Special. He did tell me he still has his unrestored 1939 Century.

He has considered making them again but so far has not decided to do so.

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