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  1. Amazing footage ... that '40 has a show car past, I'd bet! Notice the non-standard chromed rear fender stone guard. Although it seems to be in a dealership in the film, wondering if it could have been a show car for the Golden Gate International Exposition going on in Oakland 1939-40? Also, it is a Model 71 Roadmaster, same body as Super but four inches longer in front-end, with four section (Su;er had three) louvers on front fender and 15" inch wheels.)
  2. Thanks for the information. Like the "repurposing" for green house use.
  3. Thanks for the response, Larry ... It would be interesting to me to see an actual REX top. But no hurry, perhaps we can get together on seeing it in the spring? Terry
  4. Found some some 1923 paper items today at an antique shop that includes info, pricing and a few photos of Buicks with the REX removable closed-car roofs produced for 1921-23 roadsters and touring cars and maybe a year or two prior. REX Mfg. was in Connersville, IN, and apparently had a deal with Buick to sell these tops to Buick dealers. The information is dated Nov. 1922 and was sent from the Buffalo Buick Branch to solicits dealers to order quantities of the tops from REX for the 1923 models. Just wondering if anyone has a Buick with a REX top. Searching 1920s classifieds on turns up many ads for used Buicks so equipped, but I don't recall seeing an existing one. The photo is of a 1923 Model 35 Touring with REX top.
  5. Pair used 1958 Buick headlamps rims, clean and mostly shiny but chrome is clouded in some areas. Attaching screws still with them. Part numbers 1182347 LH and -48 RH. $34 plus buyer pays all shipping costs. Paypal preferred. Thanks for looking!
  6. I like anything having to do with the '39 and '40 Buicks, but this piece is one of my favorites; thought I'd share a pic...
  7. Wow, what a great bunch of Buicks! Ironically, there is a '42 Century Sedanet going up for auction in Florida this month.
  8. Decent for an oldie. Shines pretty good, only a relatively few dings, some of the black accent paint is intact (don't know if it was ever repainted)—has one small spot edge spot where chrome is gone. Check the close-ups so you can really see what you're getting, Would look nice on a driver-quality car. Back-side has rust as shown. $90 plus shipping. Thanks for looking! Allcars
  9. Some of you ’20s Buick guys might enjoy this—shows celebrity player Tris Speaker with his then new top-of-the-line Buick Sedan. Story says he also had a Buick truck and Sport Touring on his Texas ranch. The pic and story are from a 1922 magazine for Ohio Buick dealers, so the car must be a '21 or '22—who can say for sure? Titled "The U & I in Buick," the magazine was published by the Ohio-Buick Co., a dealer/distributor in Cleveland. They started publishing it in 1921. I also have the introductory issue for 1924 models. Any other issues out there?
  10. That's it! Seems virtually identical to the photo Jim provided, and searching around the web, I've found confirmation that the design was apparently a factory offering for the '29 Buick. One source says it was a "late" 1929 cap, another seems to suggest it was an option – an alternate to the Mercury running man ornament upgrade. It appears to mount onto the oval base for the standard (or "early") round radiator cap. Thanks to all for the comments. I collect vintage car images and the background on the earlier "pail-fill" types will be useful too, as I have images of unidentified cars with that type atop the radiator. Special thanks to Jim Boland for the ID on the '29 Buick cap.
  11. Found an old and seemingly rather odd radiator cap. Has a small push-button to unlatch the hinged pieces that provide access to the radiator filler... you lift the fin and flip the base up to reveal the filler. There are no markings, but it seems well constructed and is heavy. The cap is oval. Wondering if anyone has seen one before, and if so, what it was on, or made for. Thanks, Allcars
  12. Excellent analysis from Ken Green, as usual! Photo below from the 1940 Buick full-line brochure showing the instrument panel...
  13. Thanks for the suggestions, Matt. You are right, of course, on the '41 signals' location. Doh! Checking the January 1941 Master Parts Book again, the application for the '40 part I need reads, "1940; 1941-42-49. I realize now that it is telling me that the '40 style signals were carried over on only the Model 49 Estate Wagons for 1941 and 1942 (because of their taillight design)—I initially misread the listing as meaning all 1941, and just the Estate Wagon in 1942 only—but I should have remembered that the '41s are different, even so. The book does call out the '39 part as different for some reason.
  14. Looking for one of the two cover/socket pieces that mount on the inner side of the 1940-41 Buick decklid. These hold the turn signal bulbs in place and serve as a "reflector" more or less for the bulb (see photo). Includes the socket for the bulb and the socket on one of mine is "toast." The Buick part number is 924830 and the application is for all 1940 and 1941 Buicks, right or left. Don't need NOS, just a housing with a nice bulb socket that has lead a dry life. Everything else in my car's turn signal assembly seems fine. PM me if you have one you'll part with. Thanks! Allcars
  15. Priced reduced on the '41 owner's about $20 plus shipping? Note that it includes all models, Special, Super, Roadmaster, Limited. Plus, being a late 1941 edition, it includes the 118-inch wheelbase Series 40-A Specials. Will be going to auction or back into storage soon if no takers. Thx