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The Mother-in-Law Seat: Yes, this was one of the less enduring...

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From the shape of the cowl light, over-the-door leather trim, step plates, and fender crown, I think this is a 1923 Kissel Model 6-45 Gold Bug Speedster. However, it is missing the small foot brace which should be on top of the forward step plate.

Wonder who's car this was or when the picture was taken ? There are only three 1923 Model 6-45 Speedsters known that are complete, plus my recent barn find which is number four, and the 1923 that burnt up 20 years ago. AACA Library, is there a date on the picture?


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From 1919 thru the first half of 1923, Kissel Model 6-45 Gold Bug speedsters were equipped with "Mother-in-law" seats, also known as "Suicide-Seats" or "Outrigger Seats" on both sides. Only American car so equipped. Paige Daytona Speedsters had these for a couple years, but only one side. These were discontinued in mid 1923 with the introduction of the improved Model 6-55 engine. In 1925, Kissel remodeled their rear bustle design and started using a more regular "Rumble Seat".



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