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264 engine parts availability


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To my knowledge there are not aftermarket pistons. I have also been told you cannot bore out a 264 to a 322, although the blocks appear to be similar. Do keep us posted, lots of decent 264's around and if you come up with a solution they are cheap and available!

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What would it cost to sleeve it and use the old pistons? Mud

I am currently rebuilding a 264 from a 55 Special for a customer and just discovered today that there don't appear to be pistons available at this time.

Shot in the dark:

Do any of you guys have a set of .030 (or more) over pistons for a 264?

I can get everything else.

Thanks y'all.

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One step ahead of you, Mud.

I called the machine shop and he didn't even give me a price. His concern is that sleeving all eight cylinders would put too much stress on the block. I don't know if that is true or not, but this shop came recommended and for some reason, there is a high waiting time for any other shops in the Austin area.

I ordered pistons yesterday from Egge. They are "in production".

More BS.

I really had no idea this was such a "rare" engine.

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Guest 54fins

It's not a rare engine, suspect that if you are going to make oversized pistons the 322 is a better choice. But if you do find a source I have a very nice one, just smokes a little. Too good to scrap, just too much blow by. I want to put it in a rat rod so what you find is definitely of interest.

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