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1926 Standard 6 brakes setup

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My understanding from a man that owned a hydraulic brake car of this era, is that a power assist stop only occurred in the first half of the pedal travel , and as the pedal is depressed further the system went to a base brake mechanical brake feel. It was backwards of what one may reasonably think. 

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Mine was gushing oil out around the pinion when brake appled. There should be no high pressure oil there. I had high pressure oil escaping across the face of the oil pump gears into the low pressure side. I had about 1mm gap between pinion and housing which I believe should be a lot smaller. The housing has a sleeve pressed in with an oil slinger thread cut into it. Any low pressure oil that makes its way there is supposed to be returned by the thread(slinger) and there is a gallery with a drain hole back into the transmission resorvoir. I had my housing machined out and pinion turned down and fitted two SKF 16054 seals. Problem solved.

They are certainly a different brake. You only have front brakes when the tailshaft is turning which improve with speed. The rear brakes operate at all times the pedal is depressed.

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