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  1. Impellers can wear, are worse break, they are cast bronze. You local machine shop should be able to handle making up a new shaft, in stainless steel. I made my own replacement shaft, in my home machine shop.
  2. If you have questions, I just went through the same process on my 1920 special six trans, Ethan
  3. I have been working on a mold to cast new impellers and housings. The shaft is easily machined from 304 stainless. The rest of it is brass on the stuffing boxes. I made a new shaft for my car it works flawlessly.
  4. There is an overland radiator in the parts listed, by durospeed. Here on the forum. Parts for sale. Listing title early car parts
  5. Fpr those with early touring cars or roadster. Engles coach shop on YouTube has a 5 part video series where he repaired and recovered a collapsible buggy top. A lot of the information I found helpful.
  6. If you go to YouTube, look up engles coach shop. He di a 5 part video series on a collapsible buggy top and how to build one without patterns. All the principles are the same.
  7. I will call this afternoon after 4 Pacific standard time
  8. Posted in parts for sale is a 1936 dodge car instrument cluster, 175 plus the ride
  9. I have an nice original instrument panel. It is missing the water temp gauge, got junk drunk and bought it by mistake. Just looking to get my money back, $175 plus the ride.
  10. Same bevel gear used through 1928 GB commander engines as well a big and special six, they are reproduced in brass instead of pot metal. They are about $95. Inquire on the studebaker forum. If memory serves me rbk has them.