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  1. Google ,a 1907 Lambert model f. Lambert cars were manufactured by the buckeye manufacturing company in Anderson Indiana, hope this helps
  2. 1904-1917 Lambert friction drive car perhaps
  3. STUDE48

    Thoughts on Thermostat for '29 Graham?

    Most cars of this era did not have thermostats, I have a large hoard of early thermostats, if you can get me dimensions. Also pines winterfronts were commonly used for winter motor temp control.
  4. STUDE48

    Wagner Distributer

    I will look at the neighbors national electric book for application
  5. STUDE48

    Wagner Distributer

    Interested, is this off a big or special six
  6. STUDE48

    Cotton Braid Wiring (New) $25.00

    Still available I am interested
  7. STUDE48

    Old Studebaker wagon?

    I was told by an elderly friend that there was a studebaker script in between the bearings on the axle spindle, and usually on the 5th wheel support. Most other metal parts were marked with an "S"
  8. STUDE48

    1936 dodge pickup grille wtb

    Thanks for the insight, that is what I was afraid of. I am going to have more in the grille than I do the truck. Are there any reproduction options for a 36
  9. STUDE48

    1936 dodge pickup grille wtb

    What us a fair price to be expected to pay for a unmangled original grille insert for a survivor pickup. Possibly with a crankhole cover. Advise and help appreciated,Thanks in advance
  10. STUDE48


    Interested in 2 l4
  11. STUDE48

    1918 - 1924 Three Dip Oil Pan Model T Ford

    Model t ford