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  1. The 27 starter bendix will interchange as a unit, however the later engine incorporated a vibration damper as well, I do not have a spare old style bendix
  2. Enzo, Well I had a mishap with my 1920 so now I am really wanting to send the original to cat tail foundry in Pennsylvania and have more made, seems to be a weak point. I will keep you posted as to unit price. As for the starter bendix I rebuilt mine I had new dogs ground out of tool steel by a local machine shop, it is working flawlessly.
  3. If you can't locate one I can machine one
  4. I may have a spare, also this cover remained in the studebaker line on big and special sixes through the 28 gh commander. Also looks like your water pump/timing cove housing maybe damaged as well. Picture isn't very clear.
  5. I may have a spare, also this cover remained in the studebaker line on big and special sixes through the 28 gh commander.
  6. Looking good, that is what threw me on the original post engine, all of the light six engines I have seen in person are like your engine. With the head and intake being integral. It is amazing how much aluminum was used in studebaker cars in the 1920s, even the transmission case on my special six is aluminum .
  7. My mistake, I missed seeing the big ugly timing chain cover, definitely a light six. Big and special six engines are gear driven timing.
  8. It appear to be a 1923 special six sedan, engine serial number on left rear motor mount casting. Will help pin it down.also chassis serial number is located behind left front tire under fender. Aluminum oval tag on frame. I say 1923 special six due to features present on the car. Stewart vacuum tank not used by studebaker after 1925. Head with integral water manifold new to 1923 model, the cowl lamps are 1923 -24. Six lugs on the demountable wheel was special six, big six models used 7 bolts. Special six engine serial number at that time would start with the letters EL. Hope this helps
  9. Snyder's antique auto has manifold adapters for sale
  10. I have a pair of 1 ton and larger 1936 1937 dodge truck front fenders available. Make offer, free pick up. Located in Marysville, California . PM if interested I will upload pictures later
  11. You are looking for a bendix drive complete studebaker part number 44348. It fits a remy starter 720-m,720-c,723-a, and Wagner s-533, and s-462. According to the studebaker part catalog book 4 23-24-25
  12. Have a good old stock core, $300 plus the ride. McCord core number 155. Core dimensions are as follows vertically header to header is 24.5 inches. Upper header is 18.75 inches wide. Lower header is 19.125 inches. Curve is 3.75 inches at widest point. No soldered tubes or obvious repairs. Only minor fin damage due to handling. This core came out of the old radiator shop that closed locally. From the inventory.
  13. These are likely special six pistons, 19 to 26. In 19 the special six was called the light six and renamed in 1920 to the special six. As the new light six line was introduced in 1920. I believe the special six might have been exported as the light six also.