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  1. I have a pair of 1 ton and larger 1936 1937 dodge truck front fenders available. Make offer, free pick up. Located in Marysville, California . PM if interested I will upload pictures later
  2. You are looking for a bendix drive complete studebaker part number 44348. It fits a remy starter 720-m,720-c,723-a, and Wagner s-533, and s-462. According to the studebaker part catalog book 4 23-24-25
  3. Have a good old stock core, $300 plus the ride. McCord core number 155. Core dimensions are as follows vertically header to header is 24.5 inches. Upper header is 18.75 inches wide. Lower header is 19.125 inches. Curve is 3.75 inches at widest point. No soldered tubes or obvious repairs. Only minor fin damage due to handling. This core came out of the old radiator shop that closed locally. From the inventory.
  4. These are likely special six pistons, 19 to 26. In 19 the special six was called the light six and renamed in 1920 to the special six. As the new light six line was introduced in 1920. I believe the special six might have been exported as the light six also.
  5. Transmission appears to be a studebaker, fits models ek and el series 22 cars, three speed sliding gear transmission. The studebaker part number for the case is 100700, in the parts book. The number on the case is a foundry number, I had to go look at spare transmissions in the shop and the old Hollanders interchange book.
  6. Also studebaker, I will look up the case number and get back to you
  7. Interested in the generator parts too
  8. Those look like chain drive starter parts yes I am interested
  9. I will measure my pistons and get back to you
  10. Model number on the tag please
  11. Is there a legible part number on that box, also diameter of pistons please
  12. Patrick, A right rear fender for a big six touring is part number 33557. Fits 19 and 20 series cars
  13. I have a parts book and will get the numbers for you tonight when I get to the house