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  1. What was used fill the botton frame: glass or painted sheetmetal?
  2. Are these internal mouldings (door tops) and Dashboard made of real wood, or are they woodgrain paint?
  3. Thanks, Wayne. The two holes on the botton piece of my car windshield posts seem to be original, as you can see in the picture above, and would imply a fixed botton piece of the windshield. Unfortunately I could not find a detailed picture of this botton panel. Would it be all metal? Or any colored glass? Would it be painted Black or body color? The previous owner was a very old car collector I had the pleasurre to meet. He was born in 1926 as the car, and he mentioned the need to build a fixed botton piece, and his memory from the past would indicate it was made of steel and dark green glass. Is it right? He bought the car in late 1960s without the windshield frame.
  4. These factory photos cover 1926 and 1927 models. Common habit of many running changes during these years, so it seems to be difficult to be exact on originality for such car..
  5. Thanks, Oldford. The posts seem to be right for the model, but the windshield frame is not correct. It was an attempt of previous owner. The pictures I got from 1925/1926 Studebaker roadsters are just fixed posts windshield examples, not folding. I have seen some factory pictures showing the folding windshield option, but without enough detail of the frame, unfortunately. Only roadsters had this option apparently, once the Studebaker duplex phaeton body was not exactly an open car.
  6. Hello Guys! Any potential help here? I am open to suggestions or references about how I should rebuild this windshield. Many thanks! Julio
  7. This article about car colors is very interesting. Unfortunately I could not find the original doctoral thesis of Gundula Tutt, from Germany, “History, development, materials and application of automobile coatings in the first half of the 20th century". For sure bright colors were common in sports cars in 1920s. https://www.consumerreports.org/consumerist/a-brief-history-of-car-colors-and-why-are-we-so-boring-now/
  8. I believe Studebaker used Ditzler paint in 1926 rather DuPont. There is a clear reference in the Service Bulletins of 1926 about the advantages of Ditzler paint. The charts above are for years Duco was used in Studebaker, so they do not cover 1926.
  9. I could not find color references for the 1926 Studebaker Big Six roadster on these charts. The manuals I have are not covering the 1926 model (EP series). There are details from 1927 only. Any suggestions? Oswego Red or Parisian Red seem to be possible colors, but I cannot identify them.
  10. What could be the color Oswego Red ??
  11. Thanks for sharing this ad and factory picture, Graham Man. The wheels in the photo seems to be a perfect approach to me. My car will be red with black fenders. There is a moulding dividind upper and botton section of the body, and it will be also black, but with a thin yellow pinstrippe. The picture below is not perfect but shows the moulding in the rear section of the car.
  12. I have already bought blackwall tires, they are my choice for this 1926 Studebaker Big Six. And the locking rings, what color, or plating?
  13. Hello Guys, I have to paint the wheels of my 1926 Sudebaker Big Six, sport roadster, but I am not finding any reference about disc wheels paint and pin stripping. My car has true disc wheels. Body color will be red, black fenders and black mouldings, yellow pinstrippe. Suggestions or examples to share? Any pictures will be very much appreciated. Thanks JRA
  14. Hi John, if possible, could please share a copy of the 1925 article? This is a very interesting perspective of car colors during roaring 1920s! Thanks, Julio
  15. In Brazil, the service stations are still full service. The law does not allow you to pump gas on your own car, the station attendant does that, and also clean windshield, check/complete water level (radiator and windshield wiper reservoir), check/complete air in the tyres for free, but usually tipped. Other services are available in stations, even in very small ones: wiper blade change, car wash and oil change. On the road service stations, you can additionaly find tyre repair, grease lub service and other repairs. In the 1990’s, a bill was approved in the Congress to secure the jobs on Service Stations, so self service is forbidden. JRA
  16. Does late 1920’s Lincoln’s (1925-1929) have potmeral issues too?
  17. I really tought this was 3rd world bureaucratic government issue. In Brazil, expiry dates of driver licenses and car yearly registration were extended, but our DMV here is back to the normal slow and neverending process when a in person verification is needed. However, one good thing happened, yearly tax registration process is now totally digital, no longer paper registration to carry with the car, now it is online in a DMV app.
  18. I believe restoration project car prices are already droping over time, as the profissional services needed to repair them are becoming more scarce.
  19. That’s a very nobel start indeed, JV Puleo!
  20. Perfect timing to join this group, Constructionlaser. I started to be interested in antique cars as a teenager, and bought my first one at the age of 24. A 1928 Chevy, that I still own. I have always found prompt support, guidance and mentoring from this AACA forum members, as you certainly will.
  21. Restoring an antique car has been a continuous learning process for me, since I started in this amazing hobby in 1999. Try and error is very common for me, once sometimes there is no written reference to go for it, or there is no avalibility of the proper professional service to help. The reality is we are very dedicated people, passionate about our cars, and we keep making a repair until it is right. I am not a mechanic, so I share the same experience of many here, work repetition is common. My list is long…
  22. Terrible news. I hope Bob comes back to the road soon. I wish him prompt recovery. The lack of patience in general traffic is very dangerous to normal drivers and pedestrians, but even worse to an antique car driver, where braking and turning responses are much slower, and safety systems are very limited. Unfortunatelly, we need to double the attention in the road, and keep lights on during daylight also, so better have our 6v systems in good order.
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