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248 vs. 320


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Hi Guys,

Is the 320 basically a larger bore 248 using the same block? or are they completely different engines? If so, is the 320 physically larger than the 248?



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Very different. About 3" longer. That's why the wheelbase is longer. The bodies of the series 40 (248ci) are the same as series 60 (320ci)

The 320 has a head length of 34 1⁄2" while the smaller engines are 31 1⁄4" long.




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You can't bore a 401 to a 425, not enough wall and that's only 24 cubic inches. 72 inches would be 9 cubic inches per cylinder. That's a bunch.

Here's something to ponder. Today's 2 Liter Buick Regal turbo develops 270 hp. The 320 developed about 170 horsepower. Three cylinders in the 320 are really close to being equal to 2 liters. If you could get the same hp / cubic inch from the 320 as the 2 liter motor, the 320 would be putting out about 720 hp.

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I love the analogy! I am trying to imagine that much HP in my car - I am thinking the running gear would all come apart in short order!

In a similar vein, I was involved with Air Force recon systems for 30 years, mostly on the U-2 platform. The U-2R was actually carrier qualified, which is amazing considering its 102 ft wingspan. I have seen the films of the launches and recoveries. Someone asked me if the U-2 was catapulted off, and I said the if they had done that, the only thing going off the front end of the carrier would be the wheels and landing gear strut! (The U-2R, although a Family Truckster compared to the U-2C, was basically built to minimums in order to reduce weight to the max extent possible. Violent maneuvers can result in wing shedding syndrome.)

Cheers, Dave

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