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"T" Knob on the dash...what's it for? 1935 Dodge 4Dr Sedan


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It is used for starting. It is like the fast idle control that is normally automatic on most modern cars.

You would pull it out about a quarter inch or so (not too much!) so that the engine idle is a bit higher just after starting. Then once the engine warms up a bit you can push it back in so that the engine will idle at the normal slower pace. This should only take a few seconds or so. You should not need the fast idle for very long. You will know if it is too early to push it in. The engine will start to stumble if not warm enough.

BTW... it is not a good idea to use this control as a "cruise control". There is no way that it will automatically slow the engine speed in the event of an accident, braking or quick road condition changes (like pea gravel or black ice). All of these will result in loss of vehicle control from over reving the engine, or damage from the same. (Unless you are very lucky!)

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