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  1. Thank you all for your input ... I am chasing up the possibility of re - metaling them or looking to go and upgrade to a disc system ,, which ,in the long run may be the safest option if not original ... I can live with what others can`t see
  2. Thanks for that .. Just heard of a place in Western Australia that does something similar .. I will follow that up
  3. Yeah ... Thanks Mikefit ... the problem is that not only are the drums buckled / warped, they are also over the allowed machining tolerance of 60 thou. I will look into re metaling the drums if I can find someone that does that kind of thing here.
  4. Thanks hcris .... I have exhausted all avenues here in Australia, and was hoping to locate some in the US { or anywhere else for that matter } ... Bottom line is my drums are in desperate need of replacement as I want to drive it to South Australia in September ... a round trip of 2000 kms. or more over a period of 10 days ... and I would feel much more comfortable { and safe } knowing that the brakes are the best I can possibly get .. I have even contemplated a disc brake conversion , but that opens a real can of worms regarding engineering requirements for the conversion
  5. Hi ... I have an Australian assembled 1934 DR Dodge .... I saw a recent post regarding casting numbers that related to casting date etc. but I can`t find it now ... It showed 3 locations 1: engine number top left { mine is DR69790 } DR being the model for 34. 2: down low on the block between the oil filler tube and the distributor { 587 with 3 - 14 under it } 3: rear bottom of the block { 620026-4 } If I am correct. the 3 - 14 would indicate March 14th.. is this correct ?? .. If so it would mean my motor was cast 85 years ago , next week ... Cause for a celebr
  6. OK ... Still having problems this end , So ... Can anyone point me in the right direction to get reproduction brake drums for a 34 ???????
  7. G'day Guys .. does anyone know of an alternative hub / brake drum assembly to fit 1934 Dodge. The ones I have , have a warp in both the hub flange and the sheet metal face on the drum .. I am located in Australia. Thanks Ken
  8. G'day Guys .. I have just finished having my 34 Dodge motor rebuilt ... and what an epic battle it has been ... The guy doing it somehow lost the cylinder head ... Yeah not an easy thing to do ... after a lot of running around I got a DR head and all is well ... While searching for a head , I had time to make an engine test stand to run it before putting it in the car ... And just as well ... I got a neoprene rear seal set from Vintage Power Wagons along with other parts I could not get here in Australia .. Had a few issues in fitting and when run, the seal dripped ... Checking with a few ot
  9. Very nice car Michael .... Looks pretty much original as others have noted ... What 2 letters are at the start of the engine number .. e.g.: mine is DR 69**** denoting 1934 ... That should confirm it is the correct year .. also are there 2 letters cast in the head .. between the 3rd row from the back head stud bolts on the manifold side
  10. Started pulling my motor out of the 34 Dodge ... looking up what parts are available .. It seems 35 onwards parts are plentiful, but not so for 34. Can any one tell me if the oil pump is physically the same , with a different gear drive .. or totally different ..I see the gear is available on it`s own .. Thanks Ken
  11. G'day Ian ... Talking about you yesterday with Tony ... About time for a catch up and check progress ... Got back on Tuesday From Bairnsdale ... A great long weekend ...Previous owner put me onto a guy down there with 34 bits .... wire spokes .. caps and some other parts The Dodge ran a bit hot on the longer haul but I am back into it today, and have it sorted ... Give us a ring when you have some free time ... Take Care Mate
  12. The guy has removed his stand ... Part number is 653668 ... If anyone can help with a replacement
  14. Thank you for that ... I will pass it on ... Ken
  15. G'day ... I have just posted a new thread looking for a Left side headlight stand for a 36 Dodge ... Is there a stand in that bucket? If so can you post a photo of the stand on it`s own or casting number etc.so we have a better idea of what we are looking for ... Many thanks Ken Lincoln
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