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brake job for '67


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Thanks to the barter system I have an ace mechanic that owes me a favor, and he suggests we completely re-do the brake system. I have aluminium front drums and steel for the rears.

We want to replace everything, including master cylinder, lines, etc.

So my question is, what do you define as "everything" as related to the brake system? Have money set aside for this project.

Any tips for "unforeseen conditions"?

Thanks in advance,

Sam From Jersey

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Hi Sam,

Master cylinder ( I would have yours sent out and sleeved with stainless or brass. Way better than anything you'll buy off the shelf)

All 4 wheel cylinders

Both front rubber hoses one rear drop hose at axle

All new steel lines (if these have been replaced and/or are in great condition it can be omitted)

All new brake shoes

Cut drums if necessary. (just the min amount to true them up. No need to remove every little score mark.)

Check e-brake cables and service as necessary

The self adjusters should be dismanteled, cleaned and lubed

I would convert to DOT 5 silicone fluid

Option - You could have the booster rebuilt but if its working fine I'd leave it alone. Or maybe you'd like to have it replated and if so definitely have it rebuilt when its apart for plating. If you rebuild - send to Booster Dewey.

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I had my OEM Booster rebuilt by Dewey. Seems like they did a good job, but I had to redo the cosmetics on it. If your as anal as me, you may want to ask them to not paint it, so you can can prep and do it yourself. Just an FYI.

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A note about Dewey's Boosters, I needed the square O-ring for the M/Cyl to booster on my son's 63, I called them and literally had the seal 1 day after I called. They sent it for free with instructions to mail them $5 after I got it. I know it was a small part but the service was excellent!


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