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Young Motor Trunks - Looking for any answers


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As the title suggests I'm just looking for any answers for the Young Motor Trunks.

Can anyone post any photos, literature, historical description of any kind such as ads from magazines etc... Artist renditions are fine, I'm just looking for any leads. I've searched all over the web and haven't found a thing.

After some book research I understand the key for the locks that may fit these trunks were made by Briggs & Stratton or BASCO and the range of these keys were in the XC prefix.


If possible I'd like to know where they were produced, the different designs, how they were marked, and the location of the makers mark or patent stamp. Also, were they made for running boards or rear luggage racks ? This is for historical family research.

Thanks for any help

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Dave, Check with the Detroit Library system. They helped me in my quest looking for the history of the Beals & Selkirk trunk Company. Also look for incorporation papers of a company, sometimes they reveal useful info.

Thank you for your input. They recommended I call the Skillman branch which houses the NAHC or National Automotive Historical Collection and are open on Saturdays so hopefully that uncovers some answers.

Here is a link if anyone is interested National Automotive History Collection Branch | Detroit Public Library

I would absolutely love to make a visit to this place.

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  • 2 weeks later...

No luck at the Detroit Library.....here's the latest email received.

"Dear Mr. Young:

Thank you for your recent phone call to the National Automotive History

Collection. I've reviewed our collections (including our "trunks" vertical file

and card catalog), but was unable to locate any materials on Young Motor Trunks."

Anyone have any other suggestions ?

I have a trunk locksmith searching and asking around too but it's been over 2 weeks and haven't heard back from him, he's usually very prompt to respond with past issues he's helped me with so I'm guessing he's also running into dead ends.

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The Philadelphia Library also has a sizable automotive collection

Thank you Dave, I'll give them a shout as well.

I did try the Ford library but came up empty handed there too...

One thing I've noticed in my search is that a lot of these old trunks have had some pretty shoddy work done on they're interiors. In a lot of cases folks have used old wallpaper to doll up the insides, I'm sure covering up some important historical information in the process....

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