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Oil Filter

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No, the oil filter is not being reproduced. The original style oil filter was called a "Pancake" oil filter. There were two sizes used by Studebaker. One size fit both the Dictator and the Commander, and a larger size was used on the President. Some collector who are able to find a correct size pancake filter will restore them and mount the filter on the engine strictly for show and not for actual filtering of the oil. I have attached a picture showing a Dictator engine with a restored pancake oil filter that is installed to look like it is hooked up but is not filtering engine oil. post-30688-143142114595_thumb.jpg

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Guest stude8

If you are not concerned about originality you could do what I did on my 1928 Commander Big Six and add a modern spin on filter adapter under the running board cavity below passenger side door. It is not readily visible and easy to replace.




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In some years green hoses with studebaker script on them were original. I have some of this hose that I picked up that supposedly came from an old dealers building. I'd like to know what years studebaker used this hose. My guess is the early 20's??? Any one know for sure?

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