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WTB Liberty Truck parts

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Just noticed your want (haven't been getting into the site much lately)...

Other places you might try:

aths.org---(American Truck Hist Society)--heavily into more modern stuff but a good place to try;; antiquetruckclubofamerica.com---a smaller site, but it's free;

the two AU sites--Tomm.com.au and the hcvc? (Hist Comm'l Veh Club?)...haven't been into those for some time, so don't know if you're already on them;

As you've probably found out by now, lots of people are looking for these; there're a couple of people on smokstak in the UK that're highly knowledgeable about what's lying around there and on the Continent---Peter, who posts as ListerDiesel on that site, comes to mind---as well as some members on the Continent (I'm sure shipping costs would be frightening, or is the Eurozone actually closer than here?)---who may be able to recommend UK/Euro sites to post on;

I'd also consider posting on const eqpmt sites like hcea.org (Hist Const Eqpmt Assn) and even Cat sites like acmoc and antiquecaterpillar, on the reasoning those people haunt places where old eqpmt, parts and pieces are lying around, and you never know what'll turn up...with sympathy, Bud

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Thanks for the info Bud, thats a good idea to post adds on the equipment and antique caterpillar sites, members checking out old farm machinery would also be a good place to come across old truck parts etc, i have posted on smokstak as you have seen, and the parts i am looking for are mainly smaller items missing from the liberty, the front cast towing hooks, bonnet latch/ one of each would be enough to be able to reproduce the others, also need the water pipe fitting that connects the heads to the radiator top tank hose, i have only one rear cast steel wheel and would like another, but if i cant find one i will settle for putting the set of wooden rears on instead, my truck is arriving this week so there will probably be a few more things i'll need to source, i do have some contacts in the uk looking out for me, so who knows something may turn up, cheers mike.

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Guest mawolfe

Hope your project is going well. It was suggested that I contact you to see if you might know what the light housing and lens I have is from? Originally, I thought it was for the Liberty Truck, but now I just don't know. Perhaps you could check out my post and photographs in the General Discussion Forum under "Liberty Light for WWI Liberty Truck" and let me know what you think since you probably know the Liberty Truck better than most since you are actually restoring one. Thanks

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Just a follow-up on your light, it's not for a standard B, as they used a flat blade type mount at the rear of the light, not the two post antler style (Which a WWI Holt tractor might use...)

V/R W WInget


Also a Liberty owner

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