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  1. Looking for a USA liberty truck engine for the series two truck engines were cast in pairs and several manufactures made them —continental waukesha, hinkley they were usually tagged model B If anyone can help would love to hear from you thanks mike
  2. Hi Jeff, there was a few areas higher up on the side of a range about 20 miles back from the town but nothing too major from what i saw, maybe its true and theres really no peerless trucks left in the states? Which i still find hard to believe, mike.
  3. Hi all, just a quick update, spent almost 3 weeks in the western states and got to the town rumoured to be the home of a peerless truck, over two days talked to some of the locals and also visited the local VFW hoping some of the members may have known the whereabouts of the truck, had no luck but at least had a good time and met some really interesting and freindly people, we were treated like royalty and wont forget our time there, nothing ventured nothing gained I suppose cheers mike
  4. blastermike

    Reo Truck year

    Hi, looking at possibly taking on a thirties reo which looks about 1 1/2 to 2 ton in size has dualls on the rear and has a split windscreen, owner told me its a 34 but from what ive seen on the net it looks more like a 38, can anyone tell me where to look for I/d nos, I have only two pictures which aren't that good because of how it is been stored in an old factory building with not much room to move, thanks mike.
  5. Hi Alan, i'll keep that in mind, there was a early kissell for sale at desert classics ? in montana, it has been for sale for a long time, I think asking price 8K ? from memory, got pictures of it from the owner last year, only ever seen one riker on a UK website it came up for auction I think in Holland? very original and complete, which is the complete opposite to how you find things down here, as fate would go about 2 yrs after passing up on the locomobile truck parts a rolling chassis was advertised in france and it was in very good condition, so you never know I guess. thanks mike.
  6. Hi Craig, thanks for the picture, I have seen this one before on the net somewhere, got to be some parts somewhere? just got to keep on looking/asking, cheers mike. p.s that badly mangled chassis did it have the cast steel rear wheels? i'm needing one steel wheel. it may still be in some ones junkpile?
  7. Hi, I was wondering if there are any known survivors of complete locomobile trucks in the US? I had a chance to buy a really bad basket case in California about 7 yrs ago the chassis was rolled up into a ball about 2 metres in diameter had no wheels or radiator, but had the drivetrain in amongst the twisted up chassis, if anyone knows of any i'd be interested to hear about it, thanks mike Cameron.
  8. Hi Edinmass, yes you are correct but I still think there are more Liberty trucks and parts of these trucks to be found in the states, in the last 4 yrs about 1/2 a dozen have come up for sale in the states and Canada, I almost got the complete front half of one in Idaho about 3 yrs ago but the owner of it wanted more money for it after we had struck a deal so it fell through unfortunately, I also kmow of 3 other libertys owned by museums that will never be sold but are slowly rotting/rusting into the ground, I see your a pierce arrow man, I have a 1926 model XA 2 ton long wheelbase PA truck, its fairly complete but needs total restoration, paul Jacobs in NY helped me to acquire it, I must be mad, I shipped it all the way to the bottom of the world!! cheers mike.
  9. Hi Edinmass, thanks for the tip, I have visited that site and you are correct they are a good bunch, just hoping someone here may have come across some parts of/ or remains of a Liberty truck, cheers mike.
  10. Hi Jonathan, any engine make would do, the more complete truck has the Waukesha and most others ive seen have continentals, the other chassis I have is rolling with a diff and steering box only, I bought the whole lot from Spokane Washington 4 yrs ago and trucked/shipped it all way down here, seems a waste of effort not to try and make the spare chassis a worthwhile project I reckon, this wasn't my first plan but now seems to make more sense, to me anyway. so yes please let me know what you may have available, you can pm me if you like ? look forward to hearing from you, cheers mike.
  11. hi larry, thanks for the comment, cheers mike.
  12. Hi, probably a long shot but looking for mainly mechanical parts for two 1918 series two Liberty truck restorations, rad/engine gearbox/sheetmetal, any leads appreciated, and more or less any condition would be considered, thanks in advance, mike Cameron.
  13. Hi Jeff, I should be so lucky, but I think once hes bought an item it goes into a sort of trust and then its a bit like trying to buy something from a museum with a committee full of members who all have different ideas about things, I still reckon persistence and timing play a part in this hobby, down here we say '' I owe you a box of beer and in aussie they call it a slab of beer, and yes if I find it you will get a box! which by the way is 24 bottles'' jeff I was mad enough to bring a Liberty truck back from Spokane WA and the Packard I bought back from Idaho, and the pierce arrow came all the way from NY, so who knows whats next, cheers mike.
  14. Hi Jeff, sorry haven't spoken for a while but I still check in now and then, seen a picture similar to that which the goslings have, i'm planning on a trip later this year for only one reason to check out your lead, still hoping to find a wild goose and check out a couple of other trucks while over there, cheers mike.
  15. Thanks George, good news that the parts will be used to keep an original car going, I will keep looking, cheers mike.