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  1. Hi, yes i bought one of them for the parts i needed, as it was just a Rolling chassis and the shipping company i got them dropped of at lost them and because they were sharing a yard with another company and they were moving everything was scraped, both companies blamed each other and i got nothing mike.
  2. Got an update, thanks to a helpfull guy on another website, have been sent some pictures of a XB model pierce which shares same mechanicals as the XA, i dont think this truck is for sale and they too are looking for some parts so maybe between us we can help each other? here are some pictures mike
  3. Hi Al , interesting engine, were these engines used in cars and trucks, ? I use diesel to free up stuck engines, works on most of them, keep us updated Thaks mike.
  4. Yeh Al allways interested in quality made trucks from the early period, if you want pm me the details thanks mike
  5. Hi Al, yeh these trucks do take up a lot of space allright, well im on the hunt for a few things as you never find these old trucks complete usually, the most important parts im looking for are the correct front steel spoked solid rubber wheels for my 1926 pierce arrow truck, ive posted pictures of the rears in the PA thread, and im also looking for some sheetmetal for the White which the model 45 white 5 ton models shared hood and fenders same as my 5 ton model TC, Al do you have any pictures of the big packard you had, if it was an early one it would of been a chaindrive monster of a truck ?, with wood spoked wheels? Did the guy you sold it to ever find the missing parts and restore it? or is it still a project in waiting? love to see it cheers mike
  6. Hi Al, yeh Albion built approx 6000 trucks for ww1, mine is from that era being chassis nos 1979F, but i couldnt tell you if it had gone to the front but it is a WD model 3 ton version, i have a few other trucks from that era the liberty being a well known make and a 1918 white 5 ton model TC, and i have a packard like you, mine is a 1915 model D, 3 ton size, i dont have any of these restored or runnig yet and have being concentrating on finding missing parts for each one of them, the most success i have had lately is finding a complete running continental engine for my second type two Liberty chassis, which i have bought but are waiting for the shutdown to be over so it can be shipped back here, a bit frustrating but just got to see this virus thing through, i will add a couple more pictures of the unrestored gems !! sorry not good pics though, cheers mike liberty and rear shot of the white
  7. Hi Al ive not heard of any new finds that is locomobile or peerless truck related, being stuck at home for a month now gave me a chance to start on building the cab for my 1926 Albion model 24, these are scottish built trucks and i also have a ww1 era Albion A10 restoration underway, i will post some pictures, hope this is of interest mate mike
  8. Hi greg yeh they are factory wheels, used on pierce trucks from 23 onwards, i think the earlier trucks all were wooden spoked? i have seen 3 others with the steel type and actually had bought a set only to have the shipping company in LA loose them, only done a few jobs on the packard, and in the process of having new front wooden wheels made, and got a fueltank from dave lockard, also i found a handpump for pressurising the fuel system, its not the one they used but it will have to do, still need to find the switches/controls that fit into the sides of the box under the steering wheel, how about your projects? are you working? or having to stay at home? cheers mike
  9. Hi David, i have sent you an email thanks mike.
  10. Hi paul yeh is it a delco remy panel? im thinking as the generator is a Delco Remy, my truck had electric lights still got the wiring and remnants of fittings, maybe the panel pierce used on the trucks was used on other makes? Too thanks mike
  11. Looking for a round switch panel for 26 PA truck, was told the cars of the same era had the same panel? added picture you can see the remains of the two switches, also need the fuse cover under the panel thanks mike
  12. Hi steve pm sent Hi bud, from what i know the class B engines were made to a patern and there were 4 makers involved from memory continental/hercules/wauhesha and hinkley, i think some made the crankcase and some made pistons etc and some made the cylinders etc, they all should be the 52 h/p B class engine, Bud im no expert, But i think thats how it went, also ive seen the smaller aviation i think class A truck with this same engine in it, so not sure if the class size ? determines the engine if you know what i mean, mine has waukesha on the engine tag and ive seen a lot more continentals and only one hinkley, i think hercules only made the pistons? from what ive read but i could be wrong, sorry i cant help anymore cheers mike
  13. Hi paul hey thanks for the leads, yes its been a few yrs allright, since you helped me get the XA from phil, thats why i was so gutted when the chassis karl krouch sold me in LA which had a lot of the missing original parts, plus 2 sets of used good cond solid rubber tyres, only to be lost by a useless shipping company, last year, but on a more positive note karl put me onto a guy in milwaukee who had some parts from a WC 4 ton model and a helpfull guy in chicago (Marty) travelled up to check the lead out and ive now managed to acquire a generator/ rebuilt distributor/ brass nameplates and a mileage recorder and a carburetor, good to hear from you paul and thanks again for the info cheers mike attached a couple of pics of a rear wheel, the type of front wheels im looking for are the same style, they have two rows of distinctive flat steel spokes, manufactured by “bethlehem steel” 36”x 4” or 5”
  14. Hi Al well after 11 yrs of owning this truck i was planning on starting the restoration this year, earlier this year a fellow PA truck owner gave me an oportunity to buy most of the parts i need from a chassis only he had bought in ca from the bernie long auction which with help from a mate of his it was the best opportunity, ive had to date, but my luck changed as the shipping company i was using misplaced or lost! Yes lost my parts, so now apart from the money i lost too, im back to square one! looking for parts, hoping this year my luck can only get better from now on? the trucks solid rubber steel wheels have been cut and have locking ring type rims welded on so it can take 20” tyres, i do have a good set of solid rears from a chassis i found in an orchard here, and i want to keep the truck originally as it came out from the factory, i bought this truck from phil marshall in kendall NY and shipped it back down here to NZ, must be other parts and pieces out there? so ill just have to keep looking/asking mike