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  1. As a Liberty owner I would call it a Republic. The cowling seems to be a flat board, not extending out as far as the Liberty Trucks cowling. 2nd, the cab cover, even if folded back would be really apparent if it were the Liberty folded back, as it's so large. Just my thoughts. V/R W winget Liberty Type I owner and 1918 Standard B (Liberty) fanatic
  2. Late follow-up here, the "Liberty" truck (1918 Standard B Type I had electric lights, the Type II had only oil lamps, with a gas searchlight above the dash. This I can state for certain is not a "Liberty Truck" (1918 Standard B ) lamp. The electric lamps were riveted to the cowling, the oil lamps had a slot in the rear for the blade style holder riveted to the cowling. US Army 'dumbed' the truck down for easier field supply and maintenance without electrics for the Type II's. V/R W Winget Type I owner eventually restoring it.
  3. Just a follow-up on your light, it's not for a standard B, as they used a flat blade type mount at the rear of the light, not the two post antler style (Which a WWI Holt tractor might use...) V/R W WInget Virginia Also a Liberty owner
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