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  1. Yeh i agree with Aha the inlet is turned upwards to accomodate the downdraft carb, i now have the correct m1 carb but not the inlet with the distinctive alloy plate on the outside of the tube, it may be that you could find some old steel solid rubber wheels instead of the expense of having mew wooden ones made? just a thought and it would still look period? the engine is a cont N4 as carbking stated, chassis nos is on the top of the left frame rail oposite the engine, stamped in big letters and numbers mike
  2. Hi AHa yes i have heard about things going to wharehouses as unclaimed, both the companies sharing the yard said anything that was left was scrapped, and thats as far as i could get with either of them, the yard was sold/leased to ups and apparently a new building was put up, this was in buena park ca, the real shame of it for me wasnt just the pierce arrow parts, i also had two sets (12) correct good condition 2nd hand solid rubber tyres that i got from the bernie long auction for my 2 Liberty trucks that i only paid $40 each for, so ive now got to source more correct solids
  3. Hi jalopygreg, ive got an 11X too, mine is 1920, the wheels look ok on mine but they are rotten and need remaking, looks like you need a radiator, a tree fell across the front and damaged the rad but i found another one here, if you google a guy on the internet Joe butcher in Alma michigan, hes a collector/restorer of republics and may be able to help you with some of the missing parts? maybe, worth a try? good luck with the republic mike
  4. Just an update, finally found some front wheels and the leftside engine panel, light brkts and bumper spring mounts, and the gearstick and casting, the parts came from a collection of 4 PA trucks in mass and lucky for me the new owner of the collection was selling of the rough parts truck, hoping to ship it back soon, mike
  5. Hi ak, looks like the correct throttle/mag levers, how much do you want for them? mike
  6. Hi Al merry xmas to you too, im currently doing it all wrong working on too many things at once! I suppose thats why they are called projects! the Liberty seems to be my main interest at present, i do like the history of WW1 vehicles, cheers Mike
  7. Hi Ed, look on the pierce arrow facebook page, the guys name is Artie he wants to sell some of the trucks the 1917 2 ton truck is what id like but with covid and shipping been really hard to get done i had to pass, ive seen your survivor car, looks amazing, check out those trucks mate cheers mike.
  8. Well AL where to begin, the collection of 4 pierce arrow trucks that were in Massachusetts were originally bought to my attention by a fellow pierce arrow truck owner in pensylvania he had a banner made some years ago which he put up on his stand at Hersheys, the banner had on it “pierce arrow truck parts wanted” and his contact details or something like that, anyway years go by and then one day out of the blue a guy phones him up and tells him he wants to sell 4 PA trucks but he wants them to all go as one deal, he didnt want to muck around with lots of people coming to his property, s
  9. Got an update finally sourced some wheels thanks to help from karl, also got most of the other missing parts i needed, very happy to get these mike
  10. Hi AL, my pierce arrow is a 1926 XA 2 ton model, these were made from 23 to 28 approxx there were 2 and 3 ton trucks that had the same mechanicals i have only just found a set of front wheels and some other parts i needed to get my truck back to original condition, mike
  11. Hi Al, ive seen a Denby truck here with smith wheels same style as the picture above, the truck was around a 2 1/2 ton size vehicle, must be a few Denbys still around in the states?? mike
  12. Looking for a set of front wheels for my 1926 pierce truck xa 2 ton model correct wheels are 20” with two rows of flat spokes and have solid rubber im also in need a few other smaller bits and pieces, the model xb 3 ton pierce are the same also if anyone can help please let me know thanks mike added a few pictures of the wheels im looking for
  13. Hi AHa, thanks for that i assumed it had both a hand throttle and foot throttle like some of my other trucks, im hoping i can adapt the lever to fit my column ? will let you know when it turns up mike.
  14. Hi clifford, probably best to try and find someone who has a complete commerce truck similar as yours, and ask for pictures and info of the parts your missing so you know what to look for, thats what ive done, the quadrant is rigid and there are two levers, one for the spark advance/retard and another lever for the throttle, i wouldnt be surprised if the steering box and controls were from the same manutacturer? mike
  15. Hi greg, hows things going for you mate? I have bought a quadrant piece and one lever which is off an earlier truck from a helpful forum member, the horn button is part of the lever, mine has a seperate steel button on top, yeh i reckon your right and the controls would be a bought in item as it is an assembled truck, i havent looked to see what make the gearbox is but ill check it out and let you know cheers mike
  16. Thanks for the advice but 3 of the wheels are buggered where its sat on the ground with wet grass id say, i can push my finger into the areas and the front left is so rotten the rim has just about fallen off!! mike
  17. Hi jon, ok sounds like my best bet is to find an m1, i have just bought a zenith T4, so if i get one of each i may have a good chance of having something that will work, thank you very much for your help Dale all the wheels on my truck need rebuilding, the front and rears have 14 spokes and look heavier and are more square shaped, im thinking your wheels could be for the smaller model 10 or model E ? as they came in 1 ton size, the spokes are rounded and theres only 12 thanks for the offer and im sure theres someone out there who needs them, Mike pic of a rear and f
  18. Hi jon i have spoken with another republic 11x owner who told me the carb on his continental n engine was a zenith T4 he did say it could of been non original but it was attached to the inlet tube and looked in the same condition as the rest of his unrestored truck, if the stromberg m1 is correct ? do you know what venturi size m1 it should be ? or are all m1 carbs the same? also would the zenith t4 work on this engine? appreciate your help and advice on this matter, thanks mike
  19. Hi clifford yeh some of the smaller Republics used continental engines the 3 3/4 is the bore size, my engine is a continental N type engine nos113286 and the chassis nos dates my truck to built sometime in 1920 it also has the torbensen geardrive rear axle same as yours, my truck was a 3000lb rated truck a fellow 11X republic truck owner told me what carb to look for which is a zenith T4 which i have just had one offered to me and another forum member has part of the mag quadrant but the levers are of an earlier model, but its great to be able to find the parts i have
  20. Hi looking for a zenith T4 carburetor for a 1920 Republic truck which has a 22.5 h/p continental engine, i have a picture of one if that helps, i also need the inlet tube as well, thanks mike
  21. Hi Dan do you still have these for sale? thanks mike
  22. Wanted to buy looking for a Hood for a teens white 5 ton chaindrive truck, even a hood from the slightly later early 20’s model 45 white would work as they are more or less the same, most have mesh in the sidepanels instead of louvres any cond, appreciate any help, thanks mike. added pictures of the hood im wanting
  23. Hi bud, you are right its engine nos is 113287 N. and theres another box with date, but no date just. 3 3/4. which i take is piston diameter? the republic list of chassis nos puts it in 1920. Chassis nos 11XR 12704 im assuming the R stands for righthand drive?, i will add some pics of the remains of the hand controls thanks mike
  24. Ok AHa i will try and find out what model mag was used, i also need the mag and throttle hand controls that were fixed above the steering wheel, they are alloy, mike
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