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55 Roadmaster Windshield Molding

Paul Falabella

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The body manual you have is for 1954, and that might be one of the few things different. I did notice that the upper center reveal molding on the 2dr hardtop is like the small body cars (in the gasket) whereas the 4dr has screws from the inside. If you can, check gasket part numbers for 54 55 and 56 to see if the part numbers are different...might give clue.


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That is a strange way to secure a molding. Fisher body manual shows a cross section. The molding appears to be screwed from the bottom, through a pinch seem which is the very front of the roof. I just can't believe the only easy way to get this molding off is to remove the windshield!

Want get the roof painted and would like to do it without moldings.

Gonna have to find a real short Phillips drill bit and play with that I think.

Any other ideas?


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