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  1. Took the front seat out to have the petrified foam cushion replaced. Wondering if the two seat motors require lubrication? They look like sealed units and they work. If it ain't broke don't fix it? Thanks
  2. 55 Roadmaster 4dr. power seats. Is it possible to remove the lower seat cushion without removing the entire mechanism or the upper(vertical) cushion? I am using the 54 body manual as reference and it's a little unclear. The foam padding is deteriorating and needs to be replaced.
  3. I just go the broomstick route.
  4. SMS has Daytona type carpet. Their carpet is not a drop in replacement though. Quite a bit of cutting was needed to fit. Carpet was bound nicely at the edges but most of this was cut off anyway. That said I think it looks pretty good. There was enough scrap left to make four large floormats.
  5. My 55 Roadmaster came with P/S, P/B, A/C, P/W, Sonomatic w/foot control radio, power antenna,rear speaker but no driver side mirror. Which I recall was a $3.40 option! It killed me to drill holes in the door to install one! I think the power seat was standard.
  6. Try reducing size in Photoshop.
  7. The windlace on my 55 is just below the headliner, so I think it could be done at a later date by just removing the reveal. Yea $1200 is too much. I was quoted $500 installation(plus headliner) at Automat, That's NYC metro area pricing.
  8. It's my understanding steam on cloth and heat on vinyl for tightening up. Some have said leaving the car out on a hot sunny day will tighten up vinyl. After a year mine is a little tighter but I've never had anyone say anything about the waves. And it does look better than a same year Lincoln!
  9. Did an SMS headliner in my 55 Roadmaster last year. PITA. I was a little PO'd that I couldn't get all the waves out. Then I cam across a 1955 Motor Trend article on the 55 Lincoln and noticed I did a better job than Lincoln did! I think we sometimes get caught up in the "Pebble Beach Syndrome" and fail to realize that a lot of our cars came with factory issues. Anyway headliner was not a real fun job.
  10. SMS is a vintage fabric company. Check out their website http://www.smsautofabrics.com They don't always have all the items they show. As I said I waited a year and a half for a new run of trunk fabric.
  11. Conversely, a four way seat can be made a two way seat by removing a motor. Joke, c'mon, it's Halloween!
  12. Redid the trunk on my 55 a couple years ago. I think, but not certain 53 had same fabric. Check with SMS. If it is the same and in stock, buy it. I waited a year and a half my mine!
  13. Take a look at this thread. 1955 Steering Column Height Adj.
  14. Edge bound carpeting in the trunk? Wow!!
  15. Got to this topic, 1955 Steering Column Height I found it necessary to get the dash back in my car after I painted it. It's a fiddly job.
  16. Anyone ever have just the foam in the seats replaced? The upholstery in my car is decent but the foam is slowly disintegrating.
  17. Bought my 55 Roadmaster 5-6 years ago with inop A/C. Got some advice here and now works well. Start checking eBay and Craig's list for R-12 if you are going to keep it that way. Classic Auto Air shows a filter drier for your car. They can rebuild a receiver also.
  18. Here's another place to try. They have a pretty good reputation in the NYC/Long Island area. Automat https://www.autointeriors.biz
  19. I didn't think so. So when I can't figure out on my own, I refer to Willypedia, the best source of knowledge I've come across.
  20. I have never seen an A/C manual specifically for 1955. Was there ever one published?
  21. I guess the only way would be to disconnect turn once, if she tracks straight,I lucked out. Otherwise disconnect turn twice in the other direction and that should do it. ...and seein' that this a 322 4bbl., the most powerful nailhead in world in 1955 and can blow your.....ahhh, enough a that!
  22. Ahh,That's what I thought, may have spun while dangling. Now I gotta disconnect and turn once. With all the confusion under that car there's one question I have to ask myself, do I feel Lucky?
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