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Getting the '55 Special re-upholstered.


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Biting the bullet and getting the interior redone on my '55 Special. The car is heading in to them Friday 29th and apparently will be back with me one week later.

A couple of questions. The pull cords on the rear of the front seats, do they still make them?

Next, any repros available for the seat lower trim, like these below? Apologies for overly long URL! Seems like they are few and far between judging by the final price on these ones!

Buick 1954 1955 1956 Seat Side Trim Panels | eBay

Hoping this comes out well. They are highly recommended.

I will report back with before and after photos in case it helps with any local'ish to me.


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Guest Rob McDonald

WEX, I'm a couple of steps behind you, on the trip to the upholsterers. I've already got the cloth and vinyl for my Buick's seats. Please do report on what goes well and what might have helped the job go even better.

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