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1950 Dodge Wayfarer Convertible for sale

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I've listed my Wayfarer in the Buy/Sell section. I just located the first car I ever owned - a 1932 Dodge - and I'm buying it back. I need shop space for my new baby. if you're looking for a nice Mopar restoration project, this is the car for you.<!-- google_ad_section_end -->

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I regretted selling the car to Phil from day one (losing the car only - no reflection on Phil), but if I hadn't, who knows where it would be today? Luckily, he loves the old Dodges as much as I do, and it was there in his garage all these years later with only a few more minor dings and scrapes then when I saw it last. It must have been fate that I sold it to the right person and he is graciously selling it back to me 45 years later. Twists and turns indeed.

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